Angella Ocheltree, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach

Right Path Hypnosis & Life Coaching


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2265 Roswell Road Ne, #100
Marietta, GA USA 30062

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Coaching Information

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More Specific Types of Coaching: Whole Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Equestrian Mental Coaching, Golf Mental Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, Hypnosis for Learning and Test Taking, and much more

Coaching Style: Compassionate, with quick results through the use of hypnotherapy

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype

Strengths: My personal career path has been a series of reinventions. This was not the rule when I was brought up, but is now what is expected of those entering and currently in the work-force. My experience gives me the broad perspective when dealing with clients from all walks of life. Hypnotherapy was key for me with transitioning, as well as with achieving success in all areas of my life. I worked with my hypnotist for over a year before taking her National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certification and life coaching course. During this time I handled research, client relations, blog articles, advertising, and anything else that needed to be done. When clients started to call me between appointments for advice, I realized that this was indeed the right path for me.

Motto: I help individuals find their "right path" to achieve goals through life coaching; and then help them release mental and emotional blocks with hypnosis, NLP techniques, and Timeline Therapy (TM) for faster results.

Coaching Philosophy:
True happiness comes from within, not from some external force, be it a person, money, material things or circumstance. When an unhappy person wins the lottery, there is a fleeting moment of joy, but because the basic personal needs of that person still have not been met, they are back to unhappy very quickly - and they are usually broke as well! So how do we achieve happiness? By finding your unique path that allows you to find joy in every part of your life. With the DISCOVER Process, I work with my clients in 8 areas that are key to inner happiness: 1. Self Confidence 2. Self-Talk 3. Persistence 4. Life and Aliveness - Vitality 5. Health 6. Love and Self-Worth 7. Prosperity 8. Meaning and Purpose During this process of uncovering road-blocks in these areas, we also look at all parts of their daily life, including financial, spiritual, personal and career. Together we determine where they want to be in a year. Using Time-Line Therapy (TM) we then work backwards to see what must be done to achieve those goals each month. With each session, we review progress and make adjustments. Life is always bringing new challenges and sweet unexpected surprises, so flexibility is a must! With hypnosis, I am able to work with my clients' complete mind, bypassing the critical factor of the conscious mind (12%) and reprogramming the subconscious mind (88%) to remove blocks that have blocked my clients success in the past. With the addition of NLP techniques, we anchor in new thought processes and tools for the client to use in their everyday life. This life coaching process is a sort of partnership, where we seek inner peace and success for the client through the use of tried and true techniques. My part in the partnership is simply to be the facilitator, or guide, along this new "right path" - and for each client, the path is as different and unique as their fingerprint!

Professional Background

Coaching since: 2012

Coaching Education:
NGH Certified Hypnotherapist
Perfect Enough DISCOVER Process Life Coach

Experience: My hypnotherapy and life coaching career path started many years ago, as I have coached people, both in the business and personal arenas, since my early 30's. My certification is with one of the most amazing life coaches I know, whose client list includes professional golfers, equestrians, top financial people, TV personalities, doctors, cancer patients, housewives, couples, children, and more. She sees over 50 people a week, and those individuals sometimes wait 2 months to get in to see her. Having been her client and friend for since 2004, I have been steeped in the process - and hypnotized to be the best life coach and hypnotherapist I can be. It is my honor to follow in her footsteps, and help as many people as I can live happy, purpose filled lives.

Languages Spoken: English