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I HELP THOSE IN STEM FIELDS MAKE BIGGER BREAKTHROUGHS AND BETTER MONEY – AND SUCCEED AS LEADERS, PARTNERS, ENTREPRENEURS AND CHANGE AGENTS. Since 2009, I've guided scores of 'techies' and 'softies' alike to build higher-performing teams, get on with their research, get done with their projects, get ahead in their careers, and get better pay. And succeed as leaders, partners and change agents. It happens in custom-built personal change laboratories. Through full mind–body engagement, from head to heart to gut to toe, via the nervous system that links it all. Grounded in empirical evidence from emerging brain science. Inspired by our longing for connection, expression and growth.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: , ,

More Specific Types of Coaching:
▪ Deep Trust Building and Trust Repair
▪ Adventure-Based Team Development
▪ Experiential Leadership Reaction Learning
▪ Cultivating Confidence, Resilience and Courage
▪ Leading Self and Others through Emerging Challenges
▪ Personal Growth, Transformation, and Adapting to Change
▪ Project and Book Development   |  Curriculum Design and Innovation
▪ Breakthrough Learning in Math and Quantitative Testing, for job / career advancement

Coaching Style:   Fluid and adaptive within smart, supportive structure. Dynamic and resilient. Probing and clarifying. GROUNDED, MOTIVATIONAL, ENERGIZING.

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype, Meeting Software, Other

CUSTOMIZED COACHING FOR STEMISTS, BY A STEMIST ★ Began my own career as a geophysical researcher. Through mindset, matching effort and caring support, I turned myself into an organizational manager, influencer and leader in the arts, philanthropy and IT. Eventually circled back to serve STEM ed and the research enterprise again, as a department / program director. A passion for personal development led me to coach people through positive change. Now, I'm a potential energy transformer dedicated to fellow STEMists. ★ Educated at MIT, Wellesley College (BA physics) and the U of Colorado-Boulder (MS physics). Mentored by some superb bosses including a (retired) US Army major general / former Deputy Surgeon General. Brushed by some major disruptors including several Nobel science laureates, a MacArthur 'Genius', the 'father of the H bomb,' and the late star of YouTube's "Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See." ★ Stretched by some unique life experiences including one season as the pioneering girl to play in my neighborhood little league, 14 months as a rollerblading waitress (over the age of 30), and one night on stage with the Original Merry Prankster and the author of "Howl" (in a live show trashed by "Rolling Stone" magazine). ★ Also well acquainted with the self-doubt, denial and fear that plagues us all. And with rebuilding ourselves from the ash that we sometimes burn down to—like after accidentally blowing up the lab (OK, so it was just a can of dog food that exploded on the Mr. Coffee warming plate in my grad-student bullpen. But it happened right next door to "The Most IMPORTANT Video" star. And stunk up the whole hall for weeks.) ★ Been there, broke that, and passionate about helping other STEMists work through THEIR challenges and celebrate THEIR successes. Plus, I eat my own dog food so clients can trust what I serve up. SCHEDULE YOUR FREE BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY SESSION AND I'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO START, FINISH OR CHANGE SOMETHING YOU REALLY WANT — 919.885.4412

And even HE never got the full truth of this.
Because as modern neuroscience now reveals,
our left brain doesn’t always know what our right brain is viewing! ©

Coaching Philosophy:
Whatever your challenges—at work, play, home, on retreat, and in relationship—
your life unfolds and takes its shape from the way you expend your energy.
It's there in your actions, in your choices, in your thoughts and in your feelings—
All is energy.

It moves from place to place, form to form, and from one purpose to another.
How well does your energy serve YOU?

SciEnspire! helps you see what you want and how to shift
your resources of time, attention and energy to accomplish it.

SciEnspire! guides scientists, engineers and technologists through
their own evidence-based personal laboratories for clearly viewing
themselves, their systems and their relationships, to grow as leaders,
partners and change agents. Breakthroughs come in awareness, clarity,
understanding, purpose, self-authorship, authenticity and aligned action.
Initiatives take shape, find direction and move toward completion.

My approach is fluid yet evidence-based. Together, we collaborate in
choosing and using the tools and techniques that work best for YOU.
Apply them with committed effort, and you get results.

I became a potential energy transformer of fellow STEMists because
our world needs scientists and their kind to give it their very best.
And because they deserve A1 support in their personal
development, to stand in their own power.

For more on my coaching methodology and the
basic premises that undergird my approach, see...


Professional Background

Coaching since: 2009

Coaching Education:
▪ Training approved for CE credit via the International Coach Federation (ICF), since Jan 2013 [ NB: I am not at this time certified by or affiliated with the ICF. ]

▪ Basic Course in Human Subjects Research (sponsor: National Institutes of Health) Jan 2011

▪ Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training, Oct 2007

▪ Workplace Mediation and Intercultural Conflict Resolution, Apr 2003

▪ Intercultural Dialogue Facilitation, Apr 2001


To learn more about the results that individuals and small groups
groups have enjoyed through my coaching and facilitation, see...


Languages Spoken: English