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Donna K Woolam has 25+ years of experience leading successful organizations. She is married to her hero, Richard, and the proud mom of two sons, Dustin and Monty. Jayme, her daughter-in-love, is wife to Dustin. She is Nonna of two grandchildren, Calista and Ian. She loves to cuddle her Chorkie, Lily. In her quiet moments, you can find her tucked into the “queen chair” listening to music or reading, sitting quietly with her husband. You might even find her playing an online game or watching her guilty pleasure program, “Project Runway.”

As an entrepreneur and conservative rebel, Woolam’s driving passion is to empower women to develop what she calls Whole Self Confidence. The theme of Woolam’s mission is The Life Inspired, which encompasses creating a balanced life which expresses creativity, joy and fulfillment; whether from income-producing activities or a vacation with the family. She believes that every woman is gifted and capable of experience a fulfilling life. This philosophy is expounded upon throughout her many communication outlets: writing, speaking, blogging, podcasts, and social media.

The foundation of her message is contained within varied series titles under the heading, The Confident, Inspired Woman. Her ongoing series, The Confident Inspired Woman - Leadership Series, delivers solutions to women developing leadership skills. Design Your Culture – Empower Your Team is the most recent offering, with a new installments on Coaching and Leadership Development to be release soon.

Whether through her books and resources, speaking engagements, or one-on-one coaching, Woolam is committed to aiding women define their greatest areas of fulfillment, and assisting her to express those areas more completely. She writes actionable personal studies, business books, and workbooks with Christian undertones. Her goal is to assist women who work from home, no matter their business, develop the skills necessary to experience personal success.

Woolam is uniquely qualified to assist women create a more fulfilling work-from-home experience. She has worked from home while homeschooling teen boys, during an empty-nest season, and most recently while caring for her husband through cancer and recovery. Because Donna has experienced life in the real world, she knows what it requires to balance the complexities of a woman’s life.

Woolam’s leadership journey began when she was in her 20’s, when she worked with a national church association to develop regional outreach programs. As a church leader, Woolam continued to hone her people and resource management skills. As both a speaker and writer, she has developed Bible Studies, ministry courses, women’s events, city-wide initiatives, and weekly messages. In the secular business realm, Woolam created advertising for client companies of a well-known oil and gas industry publication. In her work with the Salvation Army, she assisted in coordinating fundraising events, media exposure and administration. Ultimately, Woolam began exclusively working from home. She has led teams of hundreds as a, trainer, personal business coach, and leadership mentor. She has spoken at large corporate events, worked with small groups, and spearheaded regional multi-state training initiatives. Woolam is a sought after speaker and trainer for an eclectic array of clients, outlining success strategies and principles which transcend company or organization. Her systems of success have allowed her to be recognized by many companies and industry leaders for her expertise in people and leadership skill development, and recruitment.

Woolam has a life-long vision of creating a network of mentoring women called W.O.R.K., Women of the Royal Kingdom. In this network, every woman will be given the opportunity to share her skills and expertise with other women.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: , , , ,

More Specific Types of Coaching: Women in Leadership, Business Skill Development, Empowerment, Sales, Spiritual Growth

Coaching Style: Conversational, Investigative, Paced for Your Personality, I Give Homework!

Coaching Delivered Via: Phone

Strengths: Able to identify the core skills needs. Able to identify the core issues behind the delay of progress. Able to assist clients in identifying answers and to create actionalble ways to put the answers into effect.

Motto: You can have anything you want, if you're willing to do the work to get it.

Coaching Philosophy:
I believe that everyone has most of the answers they are looking for inside of them. When we don't have the answers, we need someone to help us identify new sources and resources of skills, development, and growth. In order for those new sources to be effective and profitable, they must meld with the natural course of our beliefs and personality. A coach's role is to help bring forward the wisdom that is inside, and to introduce new thoughts for consideration.

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 2003

Experience: 20+ years of working in Christian ministry. 10+ years of working with women in career development in the sales industry.

Languages Spoken: English