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Sydney, New South Wales Australia

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My CV and Biography can be produced on request when required. I am retired and only work part-time.

I am happy to discuss with prospective clients - both personal and corporate - their coaching and mentoring needs and if I have the capacity to work with them. If for whatever reason that I am not, I have an extensive network of competent professionals that I can refer them too,

I am keen to work as coach / mentor with people in the helping / physical professions; teachers, counsellors, therapists, psychologists, coaches, mentors, fitness trainers, personal trainers, physiotherapists and so on. I am able to provide clinical debrief, counselling, coaching and mentoring over the spectrum of need. I am also able to provider supervision in some areas.

I am particularly concerned at the number of individuals who undertake training, presumably in a discipline that they were passionate about, who either do not practice or do so with motivational and / or business difficulties.

I like working with business people, particularly in business development and additionally I am happy to arrange staff counselling coaching and motivation programmes with my Associates. Text "IMPACT" to Cel phone. My fees are modest.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: , , , , , ,

More Specific Types of Coaching: Executive, Business - small, Financial, Personal, Relationships - self / intimate / interpersonal.

Coaching Style: Friendly, firm, gently confronting and collaborative.

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype, Meeting Software

Strengths: Wide life experience over forty years - thousands of hours face-to-face work with people from; financial institution loans officer, corporate consulting, direct sales and marketing, clinical counselling, therapy. group leadership, coaching and mentoring. Thousands of people - all individuals with their own valid experiences and the ways that they have processed their world.

Motto: I am wonderful and every day, full of wonder! To be successful - We all need a Coach or a Mentor!

Coaching Philosophy:
While the general view is that counselling and coaching are not the same (and they are not), and that coaching and mentoring are also not the same (and they are not), I take an eclectic view whereby any or all are utilised variously as the client progresses through their journey. Every counselling, coaching or mentoring relationship is different, as are the needs of every client. There is no right formulae or package to work from when coaching or mentoring. Neither is there any right way to deliver. An early lesson from my training in both phone counselling and hypnosis, is to the exclusion of all else, be sensitive and aware of both the emotional state / sounds and the minute physical movements of the client - these are indicators of internal state. With that in mind, my aim is to focus on my client as a whole, create a working relationship based on mutual trust, clear communications and negotiated outcomes. The client's goals and sub-goals need to be well defined as well as their commitment to the process. Without making it too easy, the client may change goals during the process as their needs clarify / evolve during the process. Another lesson is that whilst "procrastination" on an issue is a a major block in that the client is avoiding a "decision to change", an examined and challenged decision "not to change", is NOT procrastination. If the client's issue is detrimental to the them, then the "not to change" has to be qualified with an "until....time" and or a "when...event".

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 1983

Coaching Education:
Over the years:
• Phone counsellor - Lifeline Hornsby - Australia.
• Phone counsellor, Mens’ group facilitator. Vietnam Veterans’ Counselling Service - Sydney.
• After-hours support counsellor and Trainer in veteran's issues - Salvation Army's Vietnam Veterans’
Support Line
• Relationship and Family counsellor. Trained and practiced with Uniting Church's
Counselling Division - Unifam. Student Rep, Board of Management. Unifam operates under the regulations of The Family Law Act.
• Clinical hypnotherapist - Graduate Diplomas, Academy of Applied Hypnosis - Sydney, and College of Medical Hypnosis - Parramatta –
Retired Clinical member (and past Executive*) of The Australian Hypnotherapist’ Association. * Treasurer and Editor of magazine.
Retired Clinical member of The College of Medical Hypnosis - Parramatta.
• Trauma therapist. Using Clinical Hypnosis and or TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction) processes. Drs Frank Gerbode - trained by Gerald French. Personal experience of extreme PTSD and depression (due to combat injuries and repeated combat trauma incidents) – both modified to a functional state by TIR.
• Drug, Alcohol, Gambling and Trauma therapies training - South Pacific Private Hospital
• Executive Coaching - Skill Level 1, Institute of Executive Coaches, Sydney, Australia.
• Extensive business studies at degree level.

Experience: Very wide helping experience from: Banking, NCO Australian Infantry - Vietnam 1966-67, Business Executive, Contract Consulting Executive, Computer marketing software installation and staff training, Business owner, Therapist, Counsellor, Relationship Counsellor, Family Therapist. Established and co-owner 1987 - 1998 walk-in clinical counselling and therapy centre (Counselling Care, Hornsby) that included coaching and mentoring, particularly for business executives. The centre had four part-time associates as well as took placements for psychology students from The Australian College of Psychology and MacQuarie University. Extensive clinical staff debrief, support and supervision of all Associates was provided.. The centre established Australia's first fee-for-service 1900 phone counselling service. Author and presenter of personal development courses and experiential groups. Accepted Court referrals for issues of men with anger, couples with relationship violence. Accepted medical referrals where patient needed to change behaviour / habits prior to surgery. Accepted dental referrals where there were issues of fear. I have maintain professional links and continuing education as well as continued to coach and mentor since retirement in 1996.

Languages Spoken: English, None