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Boulder, CO

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Kathryn Alexander, author, speaker, consultant and photographer, is the president and CEO of Ethical Impact, L3C a firm that brings organizations to life through ethical and sustainable coaching, and consulting. The basis of her work has a spiritual focus combining her 25+ years of spiritual study, over 10 years of experience in change, with the understandings from the new sciences about the nature of the universe. As a serial entrepreneur and mystic she has been interested in applied consciousness for many years. Her work with organizations is to move them into authentic behavior by tying that behavior to the wisdom of the planet.

She believes we have forgotten that we are a part of nature and unless and until we reclaim our birthright, we will stumble, putting others and ourselves at risk. Learning to function in rhythm with mother Earth expands our consciousness and makes us whole.

Kathryn has applied new science and spiritual understanding to healing her own liver cancer.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: ,

More Specific Types of Coaching: Business coaching: culture coach, sustainable leadership

Coaching Style: Transformational, Sustainable, Ethical, Spiritual, Values Focused

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype

Strengths: Provocative, strategic, ethical and spiritual - I work with the whole person, the whole life and the whole organization.

Motto: Coaching for Life

Coaching Philosophy:
Executives are being asked to do more than ever before. Organizations are facing issues unique to our time. The pace of change and crises is accelerating. As our understanding of our world becomes more sophisticated we are learning more about how the world works and that knowledge is impacting what we know about making organizations more effective. New knowledge requires new behavior. New behavior is transforming organizations. President Obama created waves of change, even before he was elected. The campaign he ran created shock waves through the business community. He was hardly elected before I heard business people talking about two things; collaboration and innovation. These are the issues that a skilled Transformational Leader works to address. These are two basic business needs for any company expecting to weather the coming storms. I've been working in this area for over fifteen years and nothing is more exciting that discovering your power to develop and empower others! You CAN learn to be Transformational Leader and make the shift in your culture and employee capability that will support the resilience you will need in the coming years! We coach and educate. We are a good match if you want to: 1. Think strategically 2. Create a collaborative workplace and increase your results exponentially 3. Watch innovation happen, with a corresponding increase in product and service development 4. Grow as you pursue deeper self-inquiry 5. Sharpen your ability to handle "defining moments" (how to choose between right and right) 6. Clarify your core values and principles and strengthen your ability to ethically apply them 7. Renew your sense of purpose at work 8. Become more pragmatic, politically astute and more confident in your ability to act ethically and effectively at work 9. Integrate sustainable values into your work and personal life

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 1996

Coaching Education:
Business Coaching from Coachville, Inc.

Experience: I've been coaching since 1996, working with CEO's, business owners and entrepreneurs. In 2005 I began my own healing from stage 3b liver cancer. I did not use chemo or radiation. I learned a lot about the medical profession, healing and cancer, in particular. I now coach people seeking support on their own healing path.

Languages Spoken: English