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Everyday you wake up to an endless stream of information all vying for your precious time and attention. I call it: INFOBESITY.

Is digital distraction, information overload, lack of focus and stress, preventing your company or team from meeting long-term business goals? Develop clarity through mindfulness training. Be fully present. Be more effective, productive and efficient. Make better decisions. Work smarter not harder for ideal life-work balance.

Ken LaDeroute helps leaders and companies overwhelmed by information overload develop clarity through mindfulness training to be fully present, work smarter not harder for ideal life-work balance.

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Coaching Information

Type of Coaching:

More Specific Types of Coaching: Mindfulness Coaching

Coaching Style: Mindful, conscious, assertive, intuitive, cut through the mind chatter, challenging, direct, efficient, systems-thinker, methodical, action-oriented, comforting

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype, Meeting Software, Other

Strengths: I'm a self-made man. I bring a life-time of business experience to my coaching practice. I've owned 2 National Franchises, 2 Apartment Buildings, a real estate sales license, taught at the University level, President of Toastmasters, audio engineer, pro musician and songwriter with 3 original albums, built over 15 web sites, a meditation teacher and online marketer. I have spent 30 years working on my inner self through a regular practice of deep meditation. I'm passionate about spirituality. My top strength is perseverance. I love learning. My top value is conscious evolution and contribution.

Motto: Clarity Through Mindfulness

Coaching Philosophy:
Mindfulness is bringing one's complete attention to the present moment experience on a moment-to-moment basis, without judgement, just as it is. Mindfulness is awareness. There is nowhere that mindfulness is not. You are mindfulness. The only thing that prevents mindfulness is your restless mind. Self-awareness and Self-compassion is key.

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 2009

Coaching Education:
Certified Professional Coach, CPC graduate of International Coaching Academy with thesis, "Consciousness in Coaching"

Experience: I've coached over 155 clients since 2010.

Languages Spoken: English, French