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Liz is a business development and marketing coach, sought-after motivational speaker, professional musher and dog trainer, and recognized international authority in personal development via connecting, communicating and bonding with your dogs. The Lessons from the dogs are profoundly valuable in business success as well as achieving personal aspirations.

Liz's educational background and first career was in high tech and encompassed over two decades of successful management and project positions including customer support, software development, product marketing, internet marketing and ecommerce.Liz embarked upon her entrepreneurial career with her first business, opening pet-friendly Crystalwood Lodge ( just outside Crater Lake National Park. Simultaneously she embraced a decade-long dream of training her own sled dog team from scratch to run the Iditarod Sled Dog Race to celebrate her 50th birthday in 2008. Subsequent to Iditarod, Liz has immersed herself in full-time coaching, particularly for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the pet care arena.

This incredible diversity of experience in a variety of industries, organizations and applications has given Liz a unique perspective with which to synthesize business development solutions for her clients.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching:

Coaching Style: no-nonsense, get things done

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Meeting Software

Motto: Be the Lead Dog!

Coaching Philosophy:
Success rests on a foundation of individual responsibility coupled with exquisite teamwork. As a TEAM, we can accomplish anything. Leaders are those willing to make mistakes, get feedback, and keep stretching and growing...because quitting is not an option!

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 2001

Coaching Education:
2008 Iditarod Finisher
Perry Marshall student (80/20 Productivity Express, Facebook Firestorm, Rainmaker/Alchemist Summit)
Glenn Livingston student (Make Them Buy Club, etc.)
Intel Achievement Award

Languages Spoken: English