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Lura Owen is an Executive Life Coach and Certified Wellness Practitioner. Known as "Your Stress and Success Angel," she maintains an international clientele, offering private sessions in person, by phone and via Skype. She is a trusted authority in her practice, and highly respected across the globe by other certified practitioners in her field.

First establishing her practice in 1994 while working as a social worker and lay minister, her insight and skills have led to the founding of Living ALOT— A Safe Place to Heal! She holds a master’s degree and two bachelors degrees in the areas of business and pastoral ministry. Be more confident and feel better when you’re free of anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia, fears, phobias or addiction.

Create the Life You Want to Live Into at ~ "A Safe Place to Heal!"

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching:

More Specific Types of Coaching: Stress and Success Coaching

Coaching Style: Faster, deeper changes!

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype

Strengths: Stress Management, Pain and Anxiety Reduction, Success Coaching

Motto: Create the Life You Want to Live Into! Drug free! Not talk therapy! A Safe Place to Heal!

Coaching Philosophy:
There are no broken people.

Professional Background

Coaching since: 1994

Coaching Education:
Faster EFT Certified Wellness Practitioner

Experience: Lura has been successfully mentoring and coaching clients since 1994 for stress and wellness. After being certified in Faster EFT methods, she was contracted to be the lead practitioner for the English speaking world on the Faster EFT website for a year. Leaving her job as the operations manager and adjunct instructor of a major university MBA program in early 2011, she quickly founded Living ALOT, Inc to begin living her passion for helping people heal. She now works full time as a Wellness Practitioner and Executive Life Coach, earning the fond title of "Your Stress and Success Angel" among her colleagues and clientele. Lura offers individual wellness sessions and executive coaching packages for children and adults who want to "Feel Good for No Special Reason!" For questions about coaching sessions or consultation, you may contact her directly at

Languages Spoken: English