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Los Angeles, CA USA

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“You two can go, one, two.” It was Martise Moore’s first state championship race, and her hurdle coach had just predetermined her runner up. The two fingers he put in front of her face summarized the second-place finishes to her teammate all season. So, she decided to make a choice: see the two fingers as second place or a victory sign. She chose victory. Minutes later, she was a 55-meter hurdle state champion.

That race and that decision would forever change her life. She would always choose to win. Martise went on to win three more Maryland state hurdle titles and become a scholar-athlete at the University of Southern California (USC).

After graduating Cum Laude from USC with a B.S. in Business Administration, she advised families and fiduciaries on capital market investments and built a successful career. But after 10 years, she acknowledged her complacency: she knew she was born for greatness, but she was playing small. Her gifts were underutilized and her purpose had become uninspired.

In 2009, she created the GreenRunner brand to inspire runners to choose victory on and off the track.

The mission: Enroll and inspire victories around the world.

Victory is not about coming in first. It’s about choosing to win; committing to be your best; and taking action to fulfill your commitment. The journey is the victory and the outcome is a created future.

Today, the GreenRunner movement consists of Runner’s Cross-Training & Victory Lifestyle Coaching, the Choose Victory Speaking Platform, and the Social GreenRunners running club.

You were born to run and born to win. Choose Victory with GreenRunner.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching:

More Specific Types of Coaching: Fitness, Health & Lifestyle Coaching: Athletic Specialization.

Coaching Style: I will challenge you.

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype

Strengths: I am a stand for your possibilities. Your victory is my victory.

Motto: Choose Victory

Coaching Philosophy:
We are all gifted human beings, born to run for and towards greatness—Choose Victory!

Professional Background

Coaching since: 2009

Coaching Education:
ACE Personal Trainer
ACE Health Coach

Experience: I've helped athletes (amateur and professional) maximize their abilities; and I've helped busy professionals improve their health and fitness levels.

Languages Spoken: English