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New York, NY USA

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Type of Coaching:

More Specific Types of Coaching: Technique and Business Coaching for Actors; Presentation Coaching for Professionals in all fields.

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Skype, Meeting Software

Motto: "Preparation, passion, education, and taking responsibility are the keys to your success as an actor."

Coaching Philosophy:
While the basis of my work is the craft of acting, my approach is to encourage the overall development of the talent that I work with. As actors, I strive to empower my students to fully express themselves, and to guide them to doing so with technique and clarity. As human beings, I challenge them to give their best effort to everything they do. Developing a craft is a lifetime pursuit for any artist. As I work with mostly young and beginning actors, the focus of my work is on fundamentals–you can never over-drill the fundamentals. Once a foundation is established, we naturally advance in our work to developing artistry. I find it highly rewarding as a coach when young actors begin to own their work and choices, to experience their unique creativity, and to understand the importance and excitement of being a lifelong learner. In addition to craft, it is vital to develop a positive approach to the business of being an actor. The way that business is conducted is always changing; to maintain success, an actor has to always be growing both in terms of their craft and their approach to business. Most importantly, I believe that the study of acting and the pursuit of a career should be FUN! Having fun is a worthwhile reason to do something, and staying in touch with the sense of play and fun and love of acting will only quicken an actors growth.

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 2004

Experience: * Prepare young talent to audition for industry professionals at 25+ talent conventions (IMTA, The Event, Barbizon PTD, Page Parkes) across the country since 2004 * Lead workshops for organizations, schools, and training companies * Coach young and beginning actors on craft and business both in person and via skype. * Work with talent agents, managers, and casting directors to ready their talent to get the job * Coach professionals in presentation skills for both live audiences and video

Languages Spoken: English