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Dallas, TX USA

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Awesome, amazing, inspired, intuitive lover of life!

(Who am I really: A Life Coach/Life Architect ®. Happily Married, 26 beautiful years! Licensed professional counselor, Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Author and previously, college professor).

I am excited about life, and always ready to assist those on their paths toward creating a life they love, making the necessary changes that must take place in order to create dramatic results. I exude with passion for life and am full of love and understanding of others on their life paths. Universal principles are what I live by and this is the reason why most who meet me often ask "how are you so happy all the time"? Each day I awake and know that it is going to be a great day, no matter what. People call me often in desperate need to better or improve upon creating positive relationships within themselves and those they love and encounter on a daily basis. Clients often have difficult times making positive choices in regards to their relationships, careers and health. Making decisions often comes with major frustrations, but can be done in a short time once the client gains clarity. As a Life Architect ® I am able to strategically create goals that are small enough to make a big impact in my clients' lives. Some of my clients have felt as if they were locked up in a mental, emotional or spiritual prison; most often, it is not their own voice within causing the distress, but the voices of others. The most important opinion for your life is You.

Brown says that, "If we are not at peace within our own mind, then how do we expect to be at peace with the world in which we live"? Manifest your dreams/desires/relationships/peace/ love/ & joy and create/build/make room for, the awesome life you desire by stepping outside the status quo of others' expectations and society: stand and be yourself - let your voice be heard!!!! Be You! Be Wow! Be Unstoppable!

There is a great opportunity to wake up and realize the power within to create and manifest your hearts' desire(s). So often I meet people who are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually stuck. Why not take that step now and begin to truly discover the awesome and amazing winner within you. You are the key to your success, whether personally or professionally. YOU hold the magic key to your success!!!! Yes, Yezz? No matter what you can do it!

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: , , , ,

More Specific Types of Coaching: Amazing Life Coaching, Spiritual Freedom; Health & Wellness, Relationship Coaching.

Coaching Style: Straight forward, Relaxed & Humorous, yet Serious about working with clients. We'll work hard together, but have fun too.

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype, Meeting Software

Strengths: Knowledgeable Intelligent Patient Intuitive Kind/Gentle Understanding Forgiving Passionate Powerful Speaker Diligent & Firm when needed

Motto: What do YOU stand for? Don't let anything or anyone and their ideas get in the way of your success. Stand for what you believe. I am Excited for You and Your Freedom to Create a life you can Love! Take a "No Matter What" attitude and say to yourself," I will Live My Life According to MY own Rules, My Own Dreams"!!! "I Am an amazing person, with great relationships and I Love my life". "All that is within me is greatness and I see it manifested in every area of my life".

Coaching Philosophy:
Build a life you Love! Your world is waiting on you. What are your desires, dreams, goals in life? Where do you need to make transitions in life or changes? You can do it! Do you understand the power of your belief is what manifests what you currently have in your life? I believe in being honest, I'm straight forward, work diligently to get to the root of issues quickly so that my clients can move with speed toward their goals in life and in their relationships at home and in the work place. I pride myself on being my clients' biggest cheerleader and always encourage and inspire my clients to create the most positive environment that they can thrive, succeed and grow within. You will be directed to take responsibility for your life! Let's get started so that you can move into a life of powerful manifestation of health, love, peace of mind, and amazing relationships. Earl Nightingale once said, "We become what we think about most of the time". Change your thoughts; change your life beginning today.

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 2006

Coaching Education:
Licensed Professional Counselor (State of Michigan)
Life Coach
Certified Couples and Relationship Coach
Metaphysical/Spiritual Counselor
NAPW (National Association for Professional Women)

Experience: My experience working with people began 23 years ago. Later because of the work I had done with previous clients I decided to get training and licensed to earn a living doing what I love; I have been actively coaching since 2006. I absolutely love coaching clients through major transitions as well as helping them to improve their health and relationships. My goal is to help people to "find or create themselves into someone they can love and be proud of"; it truly is a great experience to be part of others' growth. Many of my clients send referrals for me to either help their adult children, spouses, friends or co-workers. I have been instrumental in helping many people move past various blocks in life; particularly mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks: as well as career changes/transitions. I have aided clients in writing books, starting businesses, leaving negative relationships or jobs and finally, finding their inner joy by listening to what Spirit says directly to them. I teach my clients to listen to their own voice and live their dreams without being bombarded by the voices of others. Freedom to be "free" and live a life worth living is how my clients leave their final sessions with me. I've done lots of self-esteem and self-concept work in the past; currently with men and women I teach them to say "I Love Me Some Me". It always makes them laugh when they "finally" can truly say those words; though it is difficult in the beginning. I leave people inspired everywhere I go; something I believe everyone should do. I look forward to being part of your Journey! Dr. Michelle Joy Brown

Languages Spoken: English