Pamela J. Donnelly

Return To Eden Holistic Health Corp.

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Shirley, NY USA

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I am a wife and mother of two, and the President of Return To Eden Holistic Health Corp. in Suffolk County, New York. I enjoy assisting my clients in removing the hindrances and blockages that keep them from living a healthy and happy life. I educate, support and keep my clients accountable as they make the necessary diet & lifestyle changes that are needed for them to heal. Over 20 years ago I was a dancer and fitness trainer and I had always experienced excellent health. I was not feeling well, so I went to the doctor and was later diagnosed with early stages of cancer. Although I was petrified, I went against the recommendations of 5 different doctors. I did not choose the conventional route of healing at that time. During my fitness training I had read case histories of other people who were seriously ill and at deaths door, yet they were able to go into remission. I decided if others with a worse diagnosis than mine were able to go into remission, I would learn how they did it and I would too. There was a determined voice inside me that kept telling me there was a better way. I began to research my options. I bought every book on the the body and nutrition I could get my hands on. I joined every holistic group I could find. I found a doctor that was willing to work with me and monitor me closely as I slowly implemented changes to my lifestyle and diet. Within 3 months I was in remission. No drugs, surgery or chemo. I was amazed at my body’s incredible ability to heal itself. I was hooked to healthy living and on the right path. I was fascinated with the way our bodies were put together and I had to find out more. Since then I have never stopped studying or learning about our bodies and how they were created. 22 years later I am still cancer free and sharing what has been given to me. I take great joy in supporting my clients, addressing their physical symptoms’ and educating them on the essential nutrients that are required to radiate health.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching:

Coaching Style: Loving, integrative, spiritual and holistic

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype

Strengths: Nutrition, stress management, spiritual insight, trauma and recovery

Motto: Prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers!

Coaching Philosophy:
Each person that comes to me is incredibly, deliberately and wonderfully made. This is how I see them. I believe each person is created with a specific purpose and they have been equipped with everything they need to fulfill their purpose and destiny. Each client is made up of three parts; spirit, soul and body. Each part is interconnected. When one part has been negatively or positively affected it affects the other parts. Depression, sickness or disease can occur when the soul (mind, will and emotions) of a person has been traumatized or injured and they have not received the love or validation they needed when the event occurred. If this continues for an extended period of time, sickness or dis-ease which developed in the soul begins to be mirrored by the body. The body always reflects what is going on within the soul. In order to facilitate and sustain healing for my clients, all these aspects of their beings must be addressed holistically. For my clients this is not only healing it is transforming and empowering. For me, it is a privilege to support the healing evolution of my clients. It is a beautiful experience to witness them release the suffering and embrace the progression of healing in their bodies as well as their souls.

Professional Background

Coaching since: 2006

Coaching Education:
Certified Holistic Health Coach, IIN
Certified Fitness Instructor, ISSA

Languages Spoken: English