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Fort Lauderdale, FL USA 33306

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Patricia Young is a Certified Life & Holistic Coach, Reiki Master and Founder of Inner Prosperity Academy. Her mission is to reunite her clients with their Authentic Self and help them align with their Life Purpose, supporting them in creating a more meaningful, joyful and peaceful life. A life filled with INNER PROSPERITY, so they can give their gifts and greatness to the world.

She has always been passionate about helping people, and fascinated with human psychology. She has always been interested on how every person grows and evolves in different ways, based on our experiences and the choices we make in life.

She started her spiritual path in 2002. She began the practice of Reiki since 2004 (in Barcelona, Spain and here in Florida), and Meditation since 2002 (taught by Buddhist Monks in Miami, FL and Barcelona, Spain).

After 20 years in the corporate world, Patricia decided to follow her calling and she now works with growth oriented women that are stuck in a career that is unfulfilling for them, but they know, deep in their heart, that there is something else that they are meant to be doing and they're ready to shift their lives to the ones they came here to live.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: ,

More Specific Types of Coaching: Holistic Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coach, Dream Manifestation

Coaching Style: Holistic Coaching, accelerated results

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype

Strengths: Life Purpose, Holistic methods to reconnect with Authentic Self to live a life filled with joy, inner peace and meaning. Mindfulness and Meditation. Dream Manifestation.

Motto: Find your Life Purpose so you can live a prosperous life and give your greatness to the world.

Coaching Philosophy:
My mission is to reunite my clients with their Authentic Self and help them align with their Life Purpose, so they can live their lives filled with INNER PROSPERITY and give their gifts and greatness to the world.

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Professional Background

Coaching Education:
Certified Life and Holistic Coach. Reiki Master

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish