Peggy McMahan

Intuitive Hypnotherapy · Wellness 'n Life Coaching · Boutique Retreats & Workshops · Holistic Acupressure for Pain & Trauma

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777 Main Ave #205
Durango, CO USA 81301

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★ Transform Overwhelm into Clarity + Freedom with Balance, Passion & Purpose★

★Holistic Hypnotherapist ★ Wellness 'n Life Coach ★ ★Transformation Goddess ★ Visionary ★ Intuitive ★ Highly Sensitive

Here’s the Secret: You already know the answer. You already know what to do. It’s your mindset that gets in the way.

The Key is figuring out how to change your mindset – your automatic responses – because that’s where the problem begins: You’re already conditioned into unsupportive responses that have been natural to do for as long as you’ve been breathing.

Those old responses have to go because they limit your dreams!

Imagine yourself

* Pressing the re-set button so your life is more balanced * Nurturing your well-being as a matter of course, every day * Feeling energized and enjoying life doing stuff you like to do

I will help you re-set those old automatic responses and embed new, supportive responses into your everyday life so that your new way of thinking and being is as natural as breathing on a sunny day off.

PRESS RESET BUTTON. I'll help you figure out how to be the real you in the real world. Easily. Successfully.

Using intuitive hypnotherapy in a wellness 'n life coaching model that's easy on you and extremely successful.

Shape your own Destiny. It’s doable. Just gotta press the RESET button.

★ Free Discovery Session. ★ Design a program for your needs and budget. ★ Sessions in person or by phone.

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner/Clinical Hypnotherapist/Wellness & Life Purpose Coach. Holistic Intuitive Acupressure for Injury & Trauma.

Highly Sensitive Person Psychic Oracle & Palm Reader ~ Speaker for the Dead ~ Grief Relief -MBTI Profile: INFJ

Serafina Fortuna © is the trade name for Peggy S. McMahan, a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellness & Life Purpose Coach with more than 20 years of experience in helping you find your way

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: ,

Coaching Style: Intuitive, straight to the point, supportive, empathic. My method is solidly based on what you're doing 'right.'

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype, Meeting Software

Strengths: My clients include the walking wounded: Survivors. Grief, Abuse, Emotional Injury, Physical Injury... I help women who have survived ~ to thrive! And people who want to move forward -- in a different direction. Selecting the right path for your right life and right livelihood. Finding your true life purpose and teaching you tools for bringing your life purpose into your life in a livelier way. I give great next-step advice.

Motto: I help you re-create your reality so you can reshape Destiny to your own liking!

Coaching Philosophy:
If you could do one thing to get you what you want, would you do it? Yes! Of course. I’ll show you how to shed the obstructions and avoid the potholes so you can live a life you love, getting paid for work you’re passionate about. • Figure out how to be the real you in the real world, using the easy method of hypnotherapy in a life ‘n wellness coaching model (in person or by phone). • I help you re-create your reality so you can shape destiny to your own liking. Free Discovery Session. We’ll chat about your hopes and dreams and discover if we’re a good fit. Cost? We’ll design a program to fit your needs and budget. And we’re both happy! Be prepared for ah-ha moments, laughter & tears of relief. PS: You don’t have to rattle any skeletons. You start with where you are now and where you want to be. It's that easy. Who is this for? • Mature Women who may not know where they’re going, but they’re done with where they’ve been. • Highly Sensitive Persons – how to structure your daily life so you can survive and thrive.

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Professional Background

Coaching since: Since I first learned to say - you oughtta....

Coaching Education:
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Purpose Coach
Licensed Massage Therapist

Experience: 20 years of helping people like you let go of what's not serving you anymore, be it physical injury or emotional injury or a way of life (ie career, relationship), and doing it in a way that keeps you moving into your future without rehashing the past. Grief is another one of my specialties.

Languages Spoken: English