Peggy van Zalm

Flower of Life Coach


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, New South Wales Australia 2429

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Peggy has worked one on one as a healing coach and energy practitioner since 2004 in rural NSW and more recently with people across the globe via skype since beginning intuitive life Coaching in 2014.

Peggy is excited to guide and facilitate anyone genuinely interested in raising their own self awareness and experience other facets of their true nature as flow-ers of life.

Peggy studied teaching and fine arts  specialising in painting and sculpture  before gravitating to a career as a professional musician in her mid-twenties. Playing acoustic guitar and singing her own compositions, Peggy co-founded the folk-rock band "Martha's Vineyard" who signed to rooArt/Polygrm in Australia.

After three years in the entertainment industry she moved to Leura in the Blue Mountains just out of Sydney. During this time she did vipassana meditation retreats and later completed  certifications in Thought Field Therapy, Quantum Touch 2 infinite Possibilities, Sedona Method, Reiki 1 &2, Healing Codes Q2 Codes and insight Advaita tradition of self enquiry as well as reading numerous spiritual tomes and undertaking Life Mastery workshops with William Linville ,  Consciousness courses with Rikka Zimmerman and most recently Matrix Energetics Fundamentals and Field Trip with Richard Bartlett. Peggy became a Certified Intuitive Life Coach through King Mastery Institute in 2014.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching:

More Specific Types of Coaching: personal and non-dual spirituality coaching, inner child coach, energy healing coach, awakening coach, specialising in presence awareness coaching

Coaching Style: Relaxed Client led, self enquiry and presencing awareness.

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype

Strengths: Peggy utilises her passion for non-dual spirituality and "energy healing" to assist you to uncover your own inspired direction and resourcefulness. The coaching allows you experience greater depth of focus of your innate abilities and how to use the mind and energy of presence. All the rest is revealed naturally in your life. You will experience greater clarity, harmony, inner peace and confidence coming through in every area of life regardless of life circumstances. ​ Life swings between pleasure and pain, what you want and what you don't want. This will never change. What does happen through this kind of coaching is you become able to naturally flow with the tides of life no matter what happens. We start experiencing happiness in being as we recognise more of our true nature and that happiness is  not dependent on the way things look or what others might or might not be doing.    ​                               This is a true freedom, being itself                                       an ordinary life being                                       lived uncommonly                                              and extra-ordinarily

Motto: Where we find ourselves now is the perfect next step for us. Our powerful, whole complete self is already here, one just has to recognise it.

Coaching Philosophy:
Find out how everything that's ever happened to you has been a perfect set up job and that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. There are no mistakes - it's all how we look at things. As your flow - er of life coach I am honoured to point you back again to your most powerful inner self who is always aware and we aim for you to recognise how the mind or thinking is nothing but looping patterns of conditioning. Some of it has been really helpful and alot of it hasn't. Through simple awareness and presence I assist clients in seeing more of their deepest and divine self which naturally brings an effortless quality into the lifestream. You always know and cannot get away from your true nature, its just we have lost sight a bit like the clouds coming between the earth and the sun. By coming back into conscious contact with your natural self over and over we get to see how nothing in our circumstances really can affect our wholeness and completeness. Yes, there is more to your vision of success but these all fall into line once you have the strong identification of the truth of your being. Through flower of life coaching you will be given an opportunity to clarify your own vision of life and will be assisted to realise more of your innate wisdom and learn how to tap into your essential nature to express yourself effortlessly completely as the unique and precious and special being you are.

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 2014

Coaching Education:
Matrix Energetics Fundamentals, Matrix Energetics Field Trip 2015, Certified Life Coach Training with Phyllis King 2014, Certificate 1 & 2 Thought Field Therapy 2004, Reiki 1 & 2 2004, Certificate Quantum
Touch Basic 2006

Experience: Peggy has worked one on one and over the phone as a healing coach and energy practitioner since 2004 in rural NSW and with people across the globe via skype since beginning life coaching in 2014

Languages Spoken: English