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Ron McIntyre

Transformative Leadership Group (TLG)


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Batavia, IL

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Accepting new clients for coaching and engagement consulting. If you are struggling in these areas drop me an email at for a quick response.

As part of the John Maxwell Team, I am dedicated to the success of your team’s growth and contribution to business goals and vision through improved self-awareness and improving communications. I specialize in working with business executives and middle management individuals and teams to reach their greatest potential, if they are willing to contribute and participate. Business Coach for teams and executives.

Effective communication builds confidence and increases your influence as a leader and individual. In the business world this process improves retention of employees, leading versus managing to achieve common goals and ultimately improving sales and profits. Strong emphasis on employee engagement and culture modification.

I deliver mission-critical results in developing people in preparation for accepting responsibility in revenue generation, profit and business growth in the IT services, retail, transportation, logistics, relocation, utilities and many other industries.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: , , ,

More Specific Types of Coaching: Business coaching, Team Building Coach, Employee Engagement Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach

Coaching Style: Patient, Challenging, Ask a lot of tough questions

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype, Meeting Software

Strengths: 1. Help clients cultivate & grow self-awareness 2. Build a strong coach-client relationship based on trust 3. Create an optimal "Learning" environment 4. Focus on positive, transparent and effective communications 5. Help clients manage the accountability and expectation environment 6. Encourage delivery of action on goals and commitments

Motto: Proactively helping business leaders engage, empower and grow!

Coaching Philosophy:
I am a Coach because of my passion for my work with businesses. I am able to foster the growth of my clients through various opportunities, frameworks & assessments that I am fortunate to provide. I work with clients to mold individuals or groups of individuals to communicate, to be responsible and to hold themselves accountable. I believe in nurturing their dreams to be the best in and out of the office. I developed this philosophy after more than 4 decades working in leadership with global companies. I review my practice on a regular basis and keep a journal for my own use during year to help me grow and develop as a Coach. I am passionate about leading change in people, communications and organizations by creating holistic environments where people can feel inspired to reach their maximum potential, where they can be psychologically safe all the time..

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 1996

Coaching Education:
Certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Teacher, Speaker
Certified Life Coach
Experienced Engagement Coach
Experienced Business Coach

Languages Spoken: English