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As a Public Speaker and Coach on Parenting issues, Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon offers programs designed to identify and fulfill the needs of parents to develop the knowledge and expertise to help face the challenges of daily life. Ruth works with groups and individuals to lead parents through setting their objectives and clarifying the steps needed to achieve specific goals for each person and as a family. With every program, training materials are provided and additional recommendations made for in-depth study to guide you towards achieving short and long term objectives. Many training programs can be costly and at times do not answer all problems at once. This is why we have designed a system to ensure that training undertaken meets individual specific needs, and will fit your goals and your budget. Contact Ruth at 626-940-4768 As an Emmy Award-winning Artist raising 7 children, Ruth saw first-hand the crucial need for practical parenting tools. She created illustrated behavior charts and honed techniques for effective non-violent disciplinary tactics. She founded top rated non profit EDU DESIGNS and GoMommyGO® to develop media for child development.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: ,

More Specific Types of Coaching: Parenting Tips

Motto: Never miss and Opportunity to do a good deed... Teaching kids the important things, one kid at a time... Building Brains and Hearts, Through the Arts!

Coaching Philosophy:
Each parent can do a better job as they learn to listen to their own intuition and respond to their child's needs as an individual. Experience with my own 7 children provided me with valuable and practical tools that show parents easier ways to do the things they struggle with.

Professional Background

Coaching since: 2003

Coaching Education:
Partnership Publishing Award for Best Author, 1999


Founder and Director of EDU DESIGNS, a non profit Charity:

Creator of GoMommyGO®:

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Languages Spoken: English