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Author and Personal Empowerment Guide, specializing in helping women own their sexuality and heal from abuses. Soon to be a level 1 instructor for the "hi®" full body massager.

Researcher, author and blogger since 2002, polyamorist, relationship counseling, conflict resolution, sex educator with special interest in Female Sexual Empowerment and Self-Worth Improvement.

Facebook group Female Sexual Empowerment, Facebook group transformation.diary, amongst others. Collaborating with author Rev. Jody Bailey of Jody Speaks to write The Care and Feeding of the Sexual Female, a Guide for the Clueless Male. Author of How To Be Happy guidebook.

Contact info: E-mail --, Cell#: 931-248-2324

Requests should mention specific goals and desired outcome. Please include phone number, best time to contact you, email address and Skype, ooVoo or Hangouts screen name, where applicable. If you prefer some other means, please specify your contact info and I will attempt to comply. It will be your responsibility to contact me, to schedule a followup, if desired, and to complete exercises and assignments necessary to facilitate growth and change. All interviews will be confidential. First assessment is free and should take approximately fifteen minutes to maximum of half an hour to determine your goals. Rates negotiable may be applied through PayPal.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: ,

More Specific Types of Coaching: Sexuality empowerment, personal ownership and self-worth enhancement, corporate/employee liaison with goal of efficiency improvement and cost savings, aid in determining premium packages for businesses. Accepting and expressing your sensual side. Sexological body work. Overcoming abuse issues. Reclaiming lost libido. Emotional vulnerability is good, if done correctly. Know yourself, know your body. Connecting emotionally in a relationship. Believing in yourself. Overcoming negative mental and spiritual programming. Balancing a healthy sex drive. Releasing the burdens of regret, resentment and anger. Accepting your limitless spirit. The power of thought "Free a woman to BE a woman." When she is herself and only herself, she is liberated. She blossoms and shines. "Free her to BE her."

Coaching Style: Friendly, accepting, encouraging, challenging.

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype, Meeting Software, Other

Strengths: Very relaxed and easy to talk to, empathetic, excellent listener and communicator, methods include use of humor, visualization to facilitate achievement of goals and self-belief. Always truthful, I will never lie to a client. Practice of hypnosis, both standard and erotic, Q&A, goal setting, pain control and meditation techniques. Regression and progression. Peace Process, Circle of Excellence, Wave Process, anchoring, etc. Positive thinking is a learned process and takes time, but is well worth the effort. Small victories, gradual improvements.....these are the way to success and ownership. ¶ Healing women who have suffered abuse and trauma, helping them reclaim their courage and sexuality. ¶ Helping women turn their lives around (preventing suicide plans in some instances), ¶ Helping men to save relationships by applying both focused care and "the principle of scientific neglect", ¶ Aiding men to understand female psychology and women's basic needs and wants, ¶ Hypnosis and visualization to alleviate pain and sleep problems, ¶ Overcoming body image issues and building self-esteem, ¶ Ownership of sexuality, confidence in sexual expression and sexual self-discovery, ¶ Overcoming doubts and fears in the bedroom, ¶ Understanding the opposite sex, ¶ Expression of love, ¶ Facilitation of open and honest communication, ¶ Validation of Feelings vs. Conflict of Opinions. ¶ Yoni massage, Orgasmic Meditation, erotic hypnosis to overcome emotional blockage. Being able to be entirely vulnerable in a state of complete trust can be incredibly liberating.

Motto: "The greatest relationship in life is loving and believing in yourself. This is the beginning of the miracle." I am a strong believer in loving yourself before you can truly love others or feel worthy of receiving their love. My goal is always in helping a client to be a self-contained, self-confident and self-validating person, full of love, hope, courage, confidence, etc. I also believe "Free a woman to BE a woman." Place no double standards or unfair restrictions upon her for being herself completely and without apology, living up to her full potential as a woman.

Coaching Philosophy:
I approach each client with acceptance and love. There is nothing that love cannot cure. There is never too much love, nor is there ever enough love. We can change the world one love at a time. ¶ While I work with men as well, I have to acknowledge that all through my life, some of the greatest lessons and greatest personal healings I have experienced have been at the hands and hearts of women. It is my wish to return the love. Women are often the victims of unfair double standards when it comes to sexual expression and men are often woefully uninformed and unprepared to understand women's needs in matters of sex, dating, romance, seduction, communication, affection, security, individuality, body issues and so much more. The confidence that comes from ownership of your sexuality, for example, spills over into many other areas of life. Self-worth issues affect daily life, but can be fully conquered by altered thinking and belief systems. ¶ The phrase "broken woman in need of repair" is sometimes used. While this is the type of woman I wish to help, I do not believe she is broken and I will not use that word nor the word repaired to describe her victories. She may be a bit scuffed and emotionally worn from the constant frictions of the world, but she is as able to be polished to brightness again as any other being. She is as deserving and worthy of love and respect as anyone else. She is as deserving of confidence in herself. When she learns to accept herself as she is, embrace herself for her potential and to love herself as a daughter of the divine, she will begin to see the true miracles, for she will no longer need the opinions and approval of others, but those opinions and approvals will often come naturally as her self-love and self-confidence becomes self-contained and self-sustaining. She will grow and blossom and others will revel in it with her. Unusual personal experiences have helped me to have a unique insight and empathy for some women's issues. I never minimize feelings and fears, as these are valid facts of the individual's life. Facing it, coming to grips with it, owning it, controlling it and overcoming it and making peace with it will be the goals.

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Professional Background

Coaching since: All my life, unofficially.

Coaching Education:
To be frank, I've been doing this since grade school. I've been blessed with God-given abilities of empathy, observation and the capacity to learn from personal experience. Results will speak for themselves and results are what counts. Transformation and positive growth will always be the goal. I have been blessed to consistently see such results.


"I feel I can talk with you about anything and there will be no judgment."
"It is very apparent that you care deeply about women and their issues; a lover of women. I believe that a lover of women is different than someone who only desires the physical relationship of a woman. A lover of women cares about all aspects of a woman and I feel deeply that is what you are. It is rare and appreciated. Women sense this in you." J.W.

"I think you make a great coach. Your words helped me a lot. ... she needed time to process everything. I owe you a partial debt of gratitude for helping talk me down and not doing anything stupid." T.K.

"Thank you Steven. Thank you for letting me talk for hours, for your willingness to let me talk through these life issues." C.C.

"That's beautiful, Steven! Well done and well said. I like the way YOU think! Being someone's lover is a gift in itself. It's great to honor that and treat it that way. I agree about loving yourself, and allowing oneself to receive. I like the concept of being a self-contained individual too. Awesome! You rock! Keep up the great, important and loving work!" K.C.

"You're the only person on my Skype." P.T.

"Steven, you have helped me live again. I am truly grateful." "How is it that you make me smile?" "May God bless the rest of your days for helping me." "Your love for me kept me alive." B.H.

"You make me so happy. I can feel my self esteem being better just by talking to you." "You're my go-to guy." S.H.

"Thank you for the kind, loving advice. I needed a reminder." S.S.

"Thanks for being so kind with me." P.M.

"Thanks for calming me enough to help me sleep." B.K.

"You're good at what you do. I'd be lost without you. You're an angel." M.T.

"You're so kind and such a gentleman in every way. You know how to make a woman feel comfortable. You never have left me wanting anything except more of yourself."
" of the kindest men I have ever known. You truly are one of a kind."
"If you can do that to me in text alone, what must you be able to do in person?"
"No headaches. No stress. You make me feel so sexy and desirable in every way. I hold my head up and have a huge smile on my face." D.W.

"Thank you. I'm a lot more relaxed now, not so high strung. You gave me some good ideas." H.S.

"Steven has been helping me and he is the kindest, most intelligent, woman loving (in the good way, lol), on top of it, straight shooter you will ever meet. Please msg him."
"You have brought out the beast in me, and perhaps the beauty also." J.W.

Interview and very kind endorsement by Kitty Chambliss of

Interview with Rev. Jody Bailey

Experience: Healing women who have suffered abuse, helping them reclaim their courage and sexuality. ¶ Helping women turn their lives around (preventing suicide plans in some instances), ¶ Helping men to save relationships by applying "the principle of scientific neglect", ¶ Aiding men to understand women and their basic needs and wants, ¶ Hypnosis and visualization to alleviate pain and sleep problems, ¶ Overcoming body image issues and building self-esteem, ¶ Ownership of sexuality, confidence in sexual expression and sexual self-discovery, ¶ Overcoming doubts and fears in the bedroom, ¶ Understanding the opposite sex, ¶ Expression of love, ¶ Facilitation of open and honest communication, ¶ Validation of Feelings vs. Conflict of Opinions. ¶ Coaching experiences: I've always been very blessed to be the type of man that people feel comfortable with very quickly and trust to protect intimate details of their lives. A few experiences may illustrate what might be expected in coaching sessions with me. ¶ One woman was completely uninterested in sex, due mostly to sexual abuse as a child. Although she had been married and had children, she had never derived any pleasure from the act of sex, considering it to be a duty to her husband and a necessity to bear children. Via online conversations with her, first in text and later via audio messengers, over a period of nine months she began to open up to first being comfortable talking about sex and her personal issues, then in imagining certain situations and eventually, in carrying on sexual fantasies as we spoke. She went, in her own words, "...from being an ice box to a hot box." She not only overcame her fears and doubts, but began to crave passionate sex, even taking it upon herself to study oral techniques and other approaches to giving sexual pleasure. She eventually became very adept at what she studied and experimented with. Her entire life and outlook regarding sex has changed and she has become a much happier woman. ¶ Not all experiences are typical. Another woman suffered constant pain from fibromyalgia and took daily pain medications for it. Knowing that she was very sexual, but in a less-than-sexual marriage, we agreed upon an erotic hypnosis session via Skype. It lasted forty-five minutes, after which we discussed the results. During the session she had experienced twelve verifiable orgasms and all tension was gone from her body. She was elated at how she felt, but the most wonderful part of this episode is that she later told me she was so full of oxytocin that she hadn't needed her daily pain medications for another four days. ¶ This is another atypical experience, but still very poignant and intriguing. Sometimes my coaching is to alleviate pain, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. A lady friend, whom I've yet to meet in person, is very conscious of her health and exercise routines. Unfortunately, her visits to the gym meant a relative would be coaching her and she didn't want to disappoint this individual. I had warned her many times against overdoing it and it would soon result in an injury. Sure enough, it did. She called me in terrible pain, unable to sleep. Her back, her abdomen....everything was in excruciating pain. I asked her to lie down on her bed and place her cell phone on speaker and near her ear, where she could hear it, but with her hands at her side, then I began a hypnotic induction. When she was relaxed enough to sit up, I had her do so and instructed her to run a hot bath and undress. When she had reclined in the tub, I took her further under trance and relaxed her far more. When I brought her out of it and had her dry off, I had her tuck into bed and again took her deeper yet, into sleep stage. When I heard her breathing pattern change and knew she was asleep, I disconnected the call. The next morning she called back and told me she had not only slept painlessly throughout the night, but that she had no pain upon awakening and rising from her bed, either. She joked that no man had ever so easily gotten her out of her clothes, but marveled that all she could remember was me counting forward and back. Oddly, each time thereafter when we spoke, she would be so calmed at the sound of my voice (another blessing for this profession) that she would begin to yawn. Again she joked, hoping I hadnt planted any suggestions that she would act like a chicken when hearing certain words. Of course, I don't do that.....but it's fun to think of. ;-) ¶ A woman from many states away had been an online friend for some time and she confided in me that she was uncomfortable speaking of sex and wondered how I, as a man, could so easily do so and not seem "creepy." As we spoke one night via phone on her way home, I asked her to do an experiment with me. As soon as she had parked in her driveway after dark and had yet to enter the house where her parents were, I had her lean the seat back and close her eyes, then took her through an erotic hypnotic induction, resulting in several pleasant orgasms. What is amazing is that this single session is all it took to break through her fears and openly discuss with me her interests and goals in sexual matters. She now "owns" her sexuality and is comfortable with it, healed of fear and doubts. She now feels as entitled to be a sexual being as anyone else on the planet. ¶ A seventy-two year old lady has also rediscovered her sexuality through empowerment coaching. She says she can't stop smiling and her younger friends know something special is going on. ¶ Sexuality can be emotionally healing in nature, because by being truly vulnerable and simultaneously being trusting and comfortable with it, fears and doubts tend to flee and the hurts of the past can begin to vanish as well. I have felt this personally and know that a few of my clients have benefited from such an approach. While I do not make it a habit, on occasion I have acted as a sexual surrogate to aid in the conquering of fears. While some may consider it unprofessional to be so intimate with a client, I only do whatever is mutually agreed upon in order to aid their healing and facilitate growth and change. Several women have begun to fully own their sexuality and their significant others have benefited greatly from their newfound confidence as well. These women have even been able to teach their men a few new tricks as they explore and discover together. ¶ Another woman had been married twice before and had only experienced five orgasms in total during those marriages. She did not think herself capable of multiples. After a few sessions, she had a full twenty orgasms in one session, and most of them were ejaculatory or squirting in nature. Her life has changed because of this.

Languages Spoken: English