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Huelva, Spain 21110

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Yolanda Solo lives in Huelva, Spain, and helps clients who need support at times of transition through relocation and a change of career.

Her background includes:

• Over 10 years working in corporate London • A Raleigh International Expedition to Malaysia • A year travelling to India, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand • Writing several books including Spain: The Expat Survival Guide and The Alternative Income Report • Setting up and developing Wordpress and Joomla websites. • Copywriting • Property Management • Freelancing

Her varied life and work experience has given Yolanda a unique outlook which helps her connect to people who feel lost, and need help finding their way out a maze of confused emotions, and frustration with their current situation.

Coaching sessions are carried out over the phone, via Skype, or in person in the beautiful Costa de la Luz.

Clients can come on holiday and benefit from one-on-one coaching, in the natural surroundings of the Huelva costal area. Stay in a four-star hotel overlooking the sea or a private villa, and have your coaching sessions as we take long walks along the beach, go cycling in the forest, or relax in one of the plazas bathed in sunshine.

Who can benefit from coaching with Yolanda?

• Stay-at-home mothers who want to start a home-based business • People who want a more flexible work environment and want to work from home • Small business owners who need help with their brand marketing • Individuals who want to improve their public profiles and improve their job prospects • Employees who want a change of career • Expats struggling with the realities of relocation and finding work abroad • Entrepreneurs who need an accountability partner to ensure they stay on track

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Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: , , ,

Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype

Motto: Helping clients help themselves.

Coaching Philosophy:
My goal is to help you find the skills and strength you already have within yourself to achieve your goals. I focus on what you can do right now, with what you already have, to take you forward to the next level in your relationships, your career or your business.

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Professional Background

Coaching since: 2010

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish