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Sylvia Becker-hill

Sylvia Becker-Hill is an Executive Change Strategist who specializes in coaching corporate leaders to bring about positive transformational change with lasting results. Utilizing the latest research » Read More

Coaching Style: Gets to the hidden core of things in a 'tough love' manner. Bridges differences and connects the seemingly unrelated in magical and unforeseen ways.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Paul Renner

Paul Renner is an expert in facilitating new business opportunities for individuals and companies by forming joint ventures (JVs) and alliances. Paul’s mission is to make your venture a success by » Read More

Coaching Style: Understanding your needs and creating a step by step plan to achieve what you want

Type(s) of Coaching:

Ruth Anne Wood

RUTH ANNE WOOD is the CEO Scripting for Success. Referred to as a Muse and “Writer of our Lives” for over a decade this speaker, profitable publishing and business solutions expert has helped her » Read More

Jay Fairbrother

Mobile Marketing Expert and Coach to Local Marketing Consultants and Entrepreneurs. Training for Mobile Marketing and How To and Selling Mobile Marketing to Small Business Owners. SMS Marketing, Mobile » Read More

Coaching Style: One Size Does Not Fit All, No One Technique Works All the TIme, Training More Important than Tools, Learn Your Strengths and Mold Your Business Around Them, Take Action!

Type(s) of Coaching:

Shelley Mcnamara

Down to earth, simplicity junkie who has a passion for working with women who are overcoming adversities in their lives & are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship as a vehicle to further improve » Read More

Coaching Style: Gentle, down to earth with a touch of simplicity & practicality.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Judith Wentzel

Judith Wentzel, also known as The Breakthrough Expert for Women in Real Estate, Coaches, Speakers & Trainers, assists women (and a few smart men) in professional services to create a business and lifestyle » Read More

Coaching Style: Supportive yet challenging.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Ilaria Vilkelis

Coaching Style: Challenging, reflective, analytical, yet compassionate and trustworthy.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Pamela Shelly

Pamela Shelly is passionate about assisting lightworkers (healers, spiritual teachers, holistic practitioners, coaches, authors, and artists), to identify what is holding them back from a life of prosperity » Read More

Jim Symcox

Former Texas state trooper, entrepreneur, and corporate executive, Jim brings a uniquely powerful perspective and incredible resume to improving performance, productivity and profitability in organizations.

Jim » Read More

Coaching Style: Client focused consultative/coaching style

Type(s) of Coaching:

Leonie Hope

Leonie Hope is known as the Purpose, Passion, and Profit Specialist, and is the founder of Inspired Life Paths. She’s passionate about empowering women (and enlightened men), to connect with their » Read More

Coaching Style: Group coaching and 1-on-1 laser coaching

Type(s) of Coaching:

Tiffani Keaton

I am Tiffani Keaton, CEO of Action Oriented Coaching. I have achieved success through more than a decade of experience as a service providing entrepreneur. I am extremely passionate about helping people » Read More

Coaching Style: Action oriented with lots of compassionate accountability

Type(s) of Coaching:

Darrell Walker

Darrell Walker's professional life as a successful business owner and coach has provided him with a wealth of knowledge to share with his clients. He is always willing to share his extensive life experience » Read More

Coaching Style: Challenging and Results oriented.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Kathryn Alexander

Kathryn Alexander, author, speaker, consultant and photographer, is the president and CEO of Ethical Impact, L3C a firm that brings organizations to life through ethical and sustainable coaching, and » Read More

Shell Tain

Shell is the Money Coach knows as the Untangler. She helps people just like you find a way out of their money knot.

Shell started coaching in 2000, after years in the field of accounting. Over » Read More

Jane Cundy

Dr. Jane Cundy has been an international speaker, facilitator, coach, consultant, and instructor for over twenty years and has had the privilege of teaching members of Many Native American Nations. » Read More

Valerie Mcmurray

Valerie McMurray, principal of NorthStar Consulting Group, has 25 plus years of human capital management experience with leadership roles in human resources, organizational and leadership development, » Read More

Michael Walters

After a successful career in retail banking, I decided to move into consultancy. The next logical progression was to move into coaching and mentoring, which I have been doing since 2001. I especially » Read More

Leon Nicholson

I am the founder and owner of The Gobedo Company which is a tool through which I promote my services as a public speaker and as a certified professional coach. I am also a member of the Professional » Read More

Shelley Mitchell Cpm, Bba – My Personal Business Coach Llc

Shelley Mitchell - 6figure FOCUS formula - My Personal Business Coach - Combat Veteran - Business & Lifestyle Coach of The Year!

Rod Scott

Rod held senior positions in the Finance, Aerospace and Health industries before founding Boddach Ltd in 2007. Rod is a passionate advocate for Coaching and has coached over 250 senior executives. When » Read More

Warren Wandling

Over the last 20 years Warren Wandling has served in management, recruitment, sales, and training positions in the health, communications, and financial industries. While working with companies such » Read More

Osric Baugham

Osric has experienced successes and failures throughout his fifteen year career as a Plant Engineer. From being recognized as one of the best at one Fortune 100 company to being let go by a Fortune » Read More

Rodney Koons

I help growth oriented small business owners develop their inspired thoughts, so they can more efficiently manifest their visions of contribution, prosperity, and balance.

Small business owners » Read More

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