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Adrienne Fritze

Coaching Style: Transformational Coaching + Intuitive Business Sense

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Wayne Law

Finished my Masters in Marketing and communications in 1979 at Syracuse University. Did my Phd at UC Berkeley in 2003 in International Business. Started working for companies and quickly went into » Read More

Coaching Style: I will challenge you to perform at higher levels than you ever thought you could.

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Elysse Curry

I’m Elysse.

I am glad we have connected and look forward to getting to know you. It helps to have a snap shot of the person you are working with so I will share a little about myself with » Read More

Coaching Style: Structured with a balance of flow.

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Cheryl Mitchell

I graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, and completed my MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management in » Read More

Coaching Style: Tough love. Grandma with nunchaku. Providing information, education, guidance, assistance, care & concern. The nunchaku (aka nunchucks) are behind glass, used only in emergencies.

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Michelle Pitot

Michelle Pitot is a Social Worker, Educator, Business Executive and the single mom of a fantastic young son. With a varied professional background, she is currently the Founder and President of ProMojo » Read More

Coaching Style: Supportive, challenging, creative, fun!

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Bonnie Groessl

Bonnie Groessl, MSN, is recognized as an expert in helping people achieve their goals and live their dream. Bonnie's coaching practice centers around helping holistic-minded individuals become successful » Read More

Coaching Style: Supportive and a helpful resource, invested in your success.

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Ben Goetz

I specialize in helping business owners remember why they went into business in the first place, refocus on their company's strengths, and unite their team around the unique value they offer their customer....sustainable » Read More

Coaching Style: Professional coaching that consistently challenges the client to move forward on their journey.

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Peg Calvario

As a 25+ year veteran of the fitness industry, I was the co-founder of Pottstown Health Club. I handled the club's marketing and sales performance for more than one million dollars in personal annual » Read More

Tyhson Banighen

» Read More
Coaching Style: Straight forward, No fuss. No muss. No analytic couch! High success rate in person or by phone.

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Sharon Cowan

I've been self-employed for over 30 years and therefore, life has been an adventure. Following a 5-year career as a social worker, I owned and operated a successful flooring business which my husband » Read More

Coaching Style: I engage them in a powerful, safe and non-judgmental partnership focused on their goals and success.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Ken Laderoute | Mindfulness Training

Everyday you wake up to an endless stream of information all vying for your precious time and attention. I call it: INFOBESITY.

Is digital distraction, information overload, lack of focus and » Read More

Coaching Style: Mindful, conscious, assertive, intuitive, cut through the mind chatter, challenging, direct, efficient, systems-thinker, methodical, action-oriented, comforting

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Lois Carson

Lois Carson works with business leaders who want to have a fabulous business and personal life. Through her coaching and speaking engagements, Lois has empowered individuals with the tools to create » Read More

Timothy Riso

Timothy Riso is an Executive Coach certified by The Rescue Institute.

He is a graduate of Tufts University with a B.A., has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Trinity International » Read More

Coaching Style: A coach is an ally. A coach will challenge, question, listen, question and challenge again. In a time of change and transformation, a coach is a stable and available resource as you define your own compass and work together in alliance.

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Kyra Howell

Kyra believes that the ability to create more wealth, more freedom, and ultimately a better world is within each of us. She coaches inspired entrepreneurs on how to use the magic in their numbers to » Read More

John Evans

John was raised in a family deep in spiritual tradition and balanced in the Eastern and Western philosophies, with a Texas Reverand as a father and his mother being a Japese Buddhist Shaman.

His » Read More

Coaching Style: compassionate, confident, hold you to your commitments, help you overcome your blocks and challenges

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Jurgen Homola

I Help Entrepreneurs, Local Businesses, Large Corporates, Multinational Franchises, and A-list Celebrities GLOBALLY to Increase Their Visibility, Competitiveness, Profitability and Marketing ROI via Incredibly Innovative, Groundbreaking Business and Marketing Solutions - Catapulting Them As The #1 Authority In Their Field.

I Help Entrepreneurs, Local Businesses, Large Corporates, Multinational Franchises, and A-list Celebrities GLOBALLY to Increase Their Visibility, Competitiveness, Profitability and Marketing ROI via » Read More

Coaching Style: My Style is Inspirational, Casual, Co-Operative and Participative. I'm A "Been-There-Done-That, Worn-The-T-Shirt-Torn-The-T-Shirt" Coach With TONS of Real Life Experience Of ALL Kinds. If You Are Looking For A "Feel-Good" or "Sunshine-Up-Your-Nostrils" Kinda Coach, I Ain't It. I Won't And Don't Settle For Excuses And I'll Challenge You To Become Your Best.

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Ada Uribe, Mba, Pmp

EreStar provides professional development services to dedicated small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate managers. EreStar’s training and coaching programs help develop macro-management » Read More

Scott Taylor

FastPath Coaching is a division of TaylorMade Marketing in Los Angeles, CA. TaylorMade Marketing was founded in 1996 by Scott Taylor; first as a web design firm, (TaylorMade Web Design) and became a » Read More

Akeela Davis

A Business Trainer and Coach with an additional specialization in Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture. She produces results using cutting-edge tools and co-creating innovative solutions,

An » Read More

Barbara Lassiter

Coach clients from around the world on financial literacy, real estate investing, and being an entrepreneur for best selling authors. Coach all levels including executives. Coach more general programs » Read More

Stephanie Baker

Stephanie is the founder of Life In Abundance, a ministry devoted to providing affordable, convenient and practical Christian life-coaching and counseling services to female clients. She is a Board » Read More

Carrie Copley

I work with people who are striving for success in their professional and personal lives. Although they typically see where they want to go or how they want to live; their biggest barrier is themselves » Read More

Rod Scott

Rod held senior positions in the Finance, Aerospace and Health industries before founding Boddach Ltd in 2007. Rod is a passionate advocate for Coaching and has coached over 250 senior executives. When » Read More

Yoni Galli

» Read More
Coaching Style: By focusing on facts, I help people to manage their money to meet their needs and desires

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