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Fatmatta Boie-kamara Md

Published Co-Author- Best Seller- The Art And Science Of Success - volume 4

Currently: Money& Business Coaching

Other Training & Experiences Meditation- 2years Life & Health Coach, NLP » Read More

Coaching Style: Providing safe & trusting atmosphere but willing to challenge if & when necessary.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Shayla Logan

Shayla Logan, founder of Life Out Loud, is a powerful Inspirational Speaker and Professional Fear Buster. She helps coaches and consultants overcome their fear of sales and marketing so they can amplify » Read More

Coaching Style: According to one of my former clients, I am "no-nonsense but compassionate" coach

Type(s) of Coaching:

Jim Searls

How can a former Crime Scene Investigator help you increase your sales?

Yes, you read it right. I began my career as a police officer in Southern California. Eight years as a street cop, crime » Read More

Ilaria Vilkelis

Coaching Style: Challenging, reflective, analytical, yet compassionate and trustworthy.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Ben Goetz

I specialize in helping business owners remember why they went into business in the first place, refocus on their company's strengths, and unite their team around the unique value they offer their customer....sustainable » Read More

Coaching Style: Professional coaching that consistently challenges the client to move forward on their journey.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Keaton Hutto

UGrow’s core principle is to help local businesses market their products or services more efficiently and more productively.

The problem most small business owners face is that A) they know » Read More

Coaching Style: Challenging, Motivational, Goal Driven

Type(s) of Coaching:

Debra Larson

Debra, Wealth & Marketing Coach believes that it is time for women to take their business to a higher level. She offers an uncommon guide to tools, tips and steps to becoming simply wealthy in life » Read More

Sonia Meeter

Sonia Meeter, a certified emotional intelligence coach, helps her financial services clients break through income barriers by taking a "Whole Person at Work" (TM) approach, considering the client's » Read More

Keith Russell

Keith founded Sabre Consulting, LLC after working as a Senior Consultant (Independent Contractor) for several years. He has traveled the world working with individual Executives, Managers and employees. » Read More

Coaching Style: let's work together to discover YOUR possibilities.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Desmond Sim

Entrepreneur, International Published Author, Life & Business Coach, Expert Plaform Publisher, Online Marketing Consultant, and Corporate Facilitator.

Pioneering Transforming People’s Life » Read More

Fraser Marshall

Over 25 years direct B2B sales and leadership experience within the capital equipment industry.

Success has come through genuinely wanting to help American manufacturing companies grow, prosper » Read More

Charlie Garland

Charlie is a Certified Innovation Coach™ with specialties in Innovation Strategy, Management, Training, and Business Development. He practices from New York City but provides services to clients » Read More

Coaching Style: I believe in asking you the ideal questions that allow you to identify the best answers, yourself. While I could fish for you, I'd prefef to first fish with you...and then, teach you to fish.

Type(s) of Coaching: ,

Sujit Sumitran

Hi! After 29 years of eclectic work experiences, I see my work and life as a means to self-actualization – to become more and more what I am and to become everything that I am capable of becoming. » Read More

Dani Werner

Dani Werner has been managing teams in corporate America for longer than she cares to admit. As the Founder and Principal Consultant of AdvanceSMB, she specializes in coaching and strategy building » Read More

Aleasa Word

Aleasa Word is a professional life coach and small business consultant who specializes in emotional intelligence modeling to assist others seeking breakthroughs in the areas of leadership/professional » Read More

Shannon Alexander

Shannon Presley Alexander possesses 15 years coaching and consulting in clinical, educational and business psychology and human resources where she's gained a multitude of experience. She's innovative » Read More

Susan Maravetz

The Essential Path supports, inspires and challenges focused, determined individuals seeking insight, balance and achievement in their professional and personal lives by identifying core essential elements » Read More

Gregory Peterson

Greg has a passion for helping people. After nearly 30 years in outside sales, he realized that he needed to change direction, and follow his passion. That led him to complete the Co-Active training » Read More

Stephen Boutelle

Stephen Boutelle, “The Premiere Info-Strategist”

With a natural gift for teaching and training, Stephen’s goal is helping others to identify their passions and turn them into profits, both offline and online. Specializing in teaching small business » Read More

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