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Ben Goetz

I specialize in helping business owners remember why they went into business in the first place, refocus on their company's strengths, and unite their team around the unique value they offer their customer....sustainable » Read More

Coaching Style: Professional coaching that consistently challenges the client to move forward on their journey.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Fatmatta Boie-kamara Md

Published Co-Author- Best Seller- The Art And Science Of Success - volume 4

Currently: Money& Business Coaching

Other Training & Experiences Meditation- 2years Life & Health Coach, NLP » Read More

Coaching Style: Providing safe & trusting atmosphere but willing to challenge if & when necessary.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Ali Matthews

Over 35 years experience of running businesses and being a PA and Office Manager, including owning my own businesses. Excellent co-ordination, administration and secretarial skills. Experienced as » Read More

Zoilita Grant

Your MindSet completely controls your experience of life. Not only does it affect your choices (which create your life), it affects how you experience life. I have developed simple and very profound » Read More

Coaching Style: Supportive and challenging.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Eric Degen, Cpa, Lpbc, Cmec

Eric is a Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Professional Business Coach and a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach as well as a Partner and Founding member of Titan Business Development Group, LLC. » Read More

Vincent J Kellsey

Vincent j is the founder, head coach, and lead trainer of Quantum Success Group.

In his role as lead trainer and head coach, he assists entrepreneur business leaders and leaders in network marketing » Read More

Coaching Style: To the point and direct - breakthrough style.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Gina Hiatt

Gina J Hiatt, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who has developed an online, accountability-based, small group membership site for coaches, teachers, managers, trainers, and organizations, who want to » Read More

Coaching Style: Helping hand combined with accountability and community

Type(s) of Coaching:

Lorna Barrow

Coach-Lorna Barrow

Hi! I'm Lorna Barrow and I'm a Small Business Coach who work with mission-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners who are struggling and who are ready for growth in themselves and their businesses. » Read More

Coaching Style: I’m practical, in your face and I’ll call it as I see it but at the same time I’m respectful and I’ll not only tell you how to fix it, I'll hold your hand as you change until you can stand on your own

Type(s) of Coaching:

Leah Hansel, Core Success Coaching

Hi! My name is Leah Hansel, and I am a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach. My Passion is in assisting YOU to Discover your TRUE Purpose in Life and Business!

I am here to witness and » Read More

Michael Bloom

Burnout, stress, and overwhelm can lead to very undesirable consequences for caregivers, families, and organizations. Since 2011, Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership™ Master Practitioner » Read More

Kathy Atkinson

Success Coach, Law of Attraction Specialist, EFT Meridian Tapping Expert

Kathy helps her clients eliminate the conscious, or often unconscious, fears, doubts and liminting beliefs that prevent » Read More

Sujit Sumitran

Hi! After 29 years of eclectic work experiences, I see my work and life as a means to self-actualization – to become more and more what I am and to become everything that I am capable of becoming. » Read More

Margaret Jackson

I am an educator, speaker and certified coach with degrees and certifications in education, counseling and coaching. I have been working with and motivating women for many years. I believe that my » Read More

Valerie Mcmurray

Valerie McMurray, principal of NorthStar Consulting Group, has 25 plus years of human capital management experience with leadership roles in human resources, organizational and leadership development, » Read More

James Alburger

James Alburger has a long history of communicating with audiences. At the young age of 12 he began a long career as a professional magician entertaining audiences with a comedic spin. He later took » Read More

Dr John Kenworthy

John Kenworthy

There is greatness within you. I work with people who want to work it out.

I encourage, enable and support you with the right tools and techniques at the right time so that you can align your » Read More

Susan Fox

30 year professional Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, who works with businesses, industry and charitable organizations helping them with making great plans, doing creative funding so clients » Read More

Coaching Style: Hands on; get it done now; humanistic working in well-defined plans

Type(s) of Coaching: ,

Nicole Dunbar

Certified life coach and business coach, trainer and motivational speaker, Nicole A. Dunbar specializes in Solutions for the Business of your LIFE! Nicole works with high potential individuals to hone » Read More

Carrie Copley

I work with people who are striving for success in their professional and personal lives. Although they typically see where they want to go or how they want to live; their biggest barrier is themselves » Read More

Nicholas Lord

Nicholas Lord Business Coach

Learniv8 was created for the benefit of Individuals, Employees, Small business owners and Corporate businesses for the purpose of providing personal development and professional coaching.

Nicholas » Read More

Sue Mitchell

Dr Sue Mitchell is Director of Aeona, an Approved Development Provider for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) for Leadership and Coaching programmes. Sue works with organisations, leaders, » Read More

Coaching Style: Inspiring, encouraging, good listener, reframing, positive, flexible, attentive

Type(s) of Coaching: ,

Eric Byrd

My name’s Eric Byrd and I’ve worked in communications for over 25 years now. After studying at James Madison University here in Virginia, I went to work in entertainment, working in television production » Read More

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