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Asara Lovejoy

Did you know that you are a success genius in disguise? Did you know that you are biologically hard-wired and designed with secret powers and abilities that only a select few know about? Now it may » Read More

Coaching Style: My simple system of coaching rapidly unravels what is below the water at the same time you implement your brilliant ideas for your company and business success.

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Peggy Kimmey

Peggy's offerings as a coach have grown over the years, just as the facets of each individual's strengths are revealed and polished. She first put her years of Toastmasters experience and training » Read More

Coaching Style: Compassionate Revealation

Type(s) of Coaching:

Loretta Love Huff

Loretta Love Huff, The Dream Leader for Business™, helps people & teams EXCEED their dreams by leveraging their ideas into profitable and fulfilling businesses. She trains and supports entrepreneurs » Read More

Michael Lejeune

Michael LeJeune is a successful entrepreneur and founder of nearly a dozen companies, Michael has worked in over 100 different businesses in just about every kind of industry you can imagine. Michael » Read More

Coaching Style: Compassionate yet tough and challenging

Type(s) of Coaching:

Mark Craig

Mark is a top-tier performance coach and strategist, using his expertise to bring individuals, organizations and corporations new strategies for progress and success.

Having been coached and » Read More

Lorna Barrow

Coach-Lorna Barrow

Hi! I'm Lorna Barrow and I'm a Small Business Coach who work with mission-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners who are struggling and who are ready for growth in themselves and their businesses. » Read More

Coaching Style: I’m practical, in your face and I’ll call it as I see it but at the same time I’m respectful and I’ll not only tell you how to fix it, I'll hold your hand as you change until you can stand on your own

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Daniel Ortiz

Daniel Ortiz is an award winning author and founder of the Latino Success Academy. He is also the executive producer and host of a popular TV talk show "American Dream Latin Souls" which shares the » Read More

Jim Symcox

Former Texas state trooper, entrepreneur, and corporate executive, Jim brings a uniquely powerful perspective and incredible resume to improving performance, productivity and profitability in organizations.

Jim » Read More

Coaching Style: Client focused consultative/coaching style

Type(s) of Coaching:

Sylvia Becker-hill

Sylvia Becker-Hill is an Executive Change Strategist who specializes in coaching corporate leaders to bring about positive transformational change with lasting results. Utilizing the latest research » Read More

Coaching Style: Gets to the hidden core of things in a 'tough love' manner. Bridges differences and connects the seemingly unrelated in magical and unforeseen ways.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Nicole Nelson

Nicole Joette Nelson

Imagine a world where we feel safe and inspired in bodies rewired, for wellbeing...AT WORK.

Live A Fulfilled Life is a community of women mid level managers who talk body balancing & personal » Read More

Kristen Beireis

I've been teaching various topics/subjects since 1996 and I've been marketing online and off since 2000. I combine Life Coach training, Teaching skills and Consulting to bring the best of all three » Read More

Coaching Style: I am a Teacher, Coach and Consultant. I will hold a space for you to explore your uniqueness and I will give opinions (and sometimes be quite firm when I feel it's important), but you always make the final decisions for your business.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Natalie Luke, Ph.d.

As a certified franchise broker and DreamBuilder coach, Natalie transition highly motivated corporate leaders and achievers from the corporate world to franchise ownership using a comprehensive and » Read More

Donna Arndt

I have been a Certified Coach since 2004. I feel as though I have truly found my "calling". My days are spent coaching real estate brokers and sales professionals achieve their highest and best potential.

A » Read More

Barbara Cormack

A friend once told Barbara J. Cormack (formerly Barbara J. Dalpra) that she maintains an optimistic outlook, despite whatever happens. This point of view is vital, especially when she is working as » Read More

Stephen Boutelle

Stephen Boutelle, “The Premiere Info-Strategist”

With a natural gift for teaching and training, Stephen’s goal is helping others to identify their passions and turn them into profits, both offline and online. Specializing in teaching small business » Read More

Winston Carhee, Sr.

Winston Carhee, Sr., is an experienced Marketing, Communication, B2B and B2C Networking Coach. He is an advocate for offline physical to online digital mobile communication, known as O2O marketing. » Read More

Lee Hepworth M.a

High-performance coach propels clients from block to a Unified Perspective.

Many people are blocked, on and off the field, in their personal lives, their business lives and their sporting lives. » Read More

Coaching Style: Hard hitting, results orientated and powerful presence inducing to get the job done. You keep the state for everything else in your life too.

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Yardena Krongold

Asesoro a Ejecutivos que Quieren Crecer en Su Carrera. Les Ayudo a Descurbrir Sus Talentos Únicos y a Incrementar Su Valor en El Mundo Empresarial para que Logren El Puesto, El Sueldo y La Calidad » Read More

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