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Steve Dickinson

I work with consultants and business owners who are not earning to their full potential.

They experienced stress and were not as happy as they expected to be: considering that, they are their » Read More

Coaching Style: Understanding, insight and intrinsic well-being.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Diana D. Price

Diana Price and Associates is a consulting firm that works with companies and business owners to transform relationships with their customers by developing customized programs that deliver exceptional, » Read More

Drew Carey

Drew Carey, Indianapolis Life Coach

Drew Carey spent the first 25 years of his career in corporate communications, training and healthcare marketing before becoming a life coach in 2012. He attended the life coaching program at Erickson » Read More

Shannon Young

I am passionate about connecting purpose, people and performance. Consulting to organisations and achieving change within organisations have given me the different perspectives to be objective and involved. » Read More

Danika Czubak

Hi. I’m Danika. I am a Professional Co-Active coach who is trained by one of the most prestigious coaching schools in the world, the Coactive Training Institute. I’m currently working with the » Read More

Coaching Style: Direct, Upfront, Intuitive, Lively, Fun, Challenging, Motivating

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Sidelle Buffington

Interior Designer and Life Coach.

Passion for design started many years ago, before I even had a clear concept of what design was, the flame was sparked in 2000 while I was working in a flooring » Read More

Andrea Herran

Andrea has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources working in the USA, Latin America and South Africa. She has coached and mentored dozens of managers, directors and business owners on how to » Read More

Kenn Dixon

For more than 25 years I have been a personal trainer and for the past 5 I have been a life coach/ facilitator. I have dedicated my life to people. I am a personal fitness trainer, a career coach and » Read More

Despoina Masaouti

I am 35 years old, mother of 1 daughter, happily married and live in Athens suburbs near the coast. I was working in business environment for 12 years in several executive administration positions before » Read More

Porche Gail

Portia started impacting and shaping lives and career pathways since 2004. Her areas of expertise are in Spiritual and Academic Coaching. Her clients come to her not understanding why they cannot seem » Read More

The Pathways

Fully embracing the concept of wellness not only improves health in the mind, body and spirit, but also maximizes one’s potential for success and to lead a full and productive life. The Pathways provides » Read More

Michel Gagne

CEO Coaching-Asia

Michel Gagne is a speaker, facilitator and International Executive and Corporate Coach with more than 35 years of experience and he has been in Asia for more than twenty years. He is a highly skilled » Read More

Gregory Peterson

Greg has a passion for helping people. After nearly 30 years in outside sales, he realized that he needed to change direction, and follow his passion. That led him to complete the Co-Active training » Read More

Dr. Steve Stutz, Cc

I have successfully managed non-profit organizations and U.S. military units for over 25 years, and have had to learn how to create and maintain a healthy balance in my own life between career, family, » Read More

Esther Coronel De Iberkleid

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, lives in La Paz, Bolivia. She has a doctorate in Chemistry and is trained in TFH, PKP, EFT and NLP. She has certificates as a Life Coach, Business Coach, Social and Emotional » Read More

Aleasa Word

Aleasa Word is a professional life coach and small business consultant who specializes in emotional intelligence modeling to assist others seeking breakthroughs in the areas of leadership/professional » Read More

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