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Judy Marston


I love to see the spark in my clients' eyes when we capture the clear essence of their goals. Then we skillfully and realistically weave their hopes, dreams and/or goals » Read More

Ahmed Rafik

Ahmed Rafik is the author of Dynamics Life E-Book, and one of the top most influential people on Microsoft Dynamics field, He is the founder of many user groups on internet, and he is awarded Who’s » Read More

Coaching Style: Find the Dragon inside

Type(s) of Coaching:

Lisa Anderson

As a professional career and life coach with over 30 years of experience I have facilitated thousands of bright, motivated people to create exceptional lives. I specialize in

Mid-life career » Read More

Coaching Style: Using my tools and gifts effectively so you can know and express your gifts effectively

Type(s) of Coaching:

Kyle O

I honestly feel this is what I was meant to do. I am willing to prove it with no obligation. Get started because time is on our side but with have to show it respect as well or the lights go out!

I » Read More

Coaching Style: Creative (I was an artist and musician full-time for over a decade) and I find I work best with those that are wiling to :GO ALL IN!:

Type(s) of Coaching:

Nad Philips

I am multicultural and have lived and worked in some 10 cities in the USA, Europe and Africa. Since 2004 I have coached several hundred persons of different nationalities globally and have trained thousands » Read More

Coaching Style: First you become, so you can do, have and give.

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Leeza Byers

I work with smart, career-minded professionals ready to fast-track their career, who want to build a name for themselves in their industry and command the salary they deserve for doing what they love. » Read More

Coaching Style: Fun and Challenging yet Inspiring with a Clear Step-by-Step Blueprint for Your Success

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Karen Silins

At A+ Career & Resume, LLC we can equip you with all the tools necessary for a successful job search regardless of job market conditions. These include resume writing, career coaching, personal branding, » Read More

Coaching Style: Realistic and challenging with constant compassion towards a clients' situation.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Sandra Green

UK Career Coach. Over 15 years experience as facilitator, consultant and coach. Loves helping career women to get out of self doubt and overwhelm, influence their male colleagues and get into a job » Read More

Coaching Style: Support and Challenge.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Bud Bilanich

Here are few tid bits about me that you might want to keep in mind as you browse my site. I’m known as The Common Sense Guy, because I help my coaching and consulting clients succeed by applying » Read More

Coaching Style: No nonsense common sense easily implementable advice to help you create the life and career success you deserve.

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Dorothy Harden

Dorothy J. Harden was born in a Chicago, Illinois suburb and raised in humble circumstances in Miami Springs, Florida. She was greatly influenced by a gift given to her by a nun in grammar school that » Read More

Debbie Parker

I hold a Masters Degree in Psychology & Counseling as well as several life coaching certifications in different areas of expertise, including CORE Success Coaching, Wealth & Abundance, and Law of Attraction.

I » Read More

Adam Print

Adam stands, smiling in a wide part surrounded by trees and fallen leaves

I am an approved life coach, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and have over 10 years coaching and leadership experience. During this time, I have helped individuals with their personal » Read More

Pam Madden

Pam Madden has twenty years of experience working with individuals and teams to improve their performance through personal skills development, making behavioural changes and developing their psychological » Read More

Danika Czubak

Hi. I’m Danika. I am a Professional Co-Active coach who is trained by one of the most prestigious coaching schools in the world, the Coactive Training Institute. I’m currently working with the » Read More

Coaching Style: Direct, Upfront, Intuitive, Lively, Fun, Challenging, Motivating

Type(s) of Coaching: ,

Leslie Denman

Most people know me as The Purpose Diva. I’m an author, Certified Life Purpose Coach and licensed minister (and huge Dallas Cowboys fan!), and I proudly help women connect their hearts, faith and » Read More

Michael Walters

After a successful career in retail banking, I decided to move into consultancy. The next logical progression was to move into coaching and mentoring, which I have been doing since 2001. I especially » Read More

Leigh Doherty

Leigh Doherty is a personal and leadership coach. She leverages her twenty plus years in the field of education to motivate, encourage and inspire clients. Leigh has worked as a senior leader, as a » Read More

Susan Maravetz

The Essential Path supports, inspires and challenges focused, determined individuals seeking insight, balance and achievement in their professional and personal lives by identifying core essential elements » Read More

Sónia Trincheiras

All my life I have been a Coach, even if I only started to do it formally in 2010. I started as a different kind of friend, the type you can tell everything, makes you feel safe, supports and challenges » Read More

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