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Gail Sussman-miller

Gail inspires executives, women and their teams to take brave inspired action to achieve greater career success and satisfaction by leveraging their emotional intelligence. She helps professionals turn » Read More

Coaching Style: Collaborative, lovingly firm, and inspiring.

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Nad Philips

I am multicultural and have lived and worked in some 10 cities in the USA, Europe and Africa. Since 2004 I have coached several hundred persons of different nationalities globally and have trained thousands » Read More

Coaching Style: First you become, so you can do, have and give.

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Beena Kavalam

I’m Beena Kavalam, the personal and career coach for women looking to ignite change in their lives. I have nearly 15 years of experience in management consulting and marketing at top global companies » Read More

Coaching Style: Honest, Fun, Action Oriented while Deepening Your Learning

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Karen Sadler

I am uniquely qualified to help those at a crossroads and help them move rapidly forward because I’ve been there myself. I’ve changed careers. I’ve taken my personal interests and turned them » Read More

Coaching Style: Creative, visionary, actions that improve today and open tomorrow's doors

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Devi Clark

A career changer herself, Devi helps purposeful people find meaningful careers that make a difference to the world. Devi started her own career wanting to do something socially beneficial which would » Read More

Coaching Style: Challenging purposeful people to be true to themselves

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Mark Duin

The "Success Expert" Mark Duin has gained extraordinary success in "All" areas of life and business. Mark literally went from a street addict & 9th grade dropout to a Corner Office as an Executive for » Read More

Jeremy Jones

Military veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, achieved a bachelors of arts. Discovered many people were chasing customers wasting time, I teach business owners how to get clients attracted to you » Read More

Sidelle Buffington

Interior Designer and Life Coach.

Passion for design started many years ago, before I even had a clear concept of what design was, the flame was sparked in 2000 while I was working in a flooring » Read More

The Pathways

Fully embracing the concept of wellness not only improves health in the mind, body and spirit, but also maximizes one’s potential for success and to lead a full and productive life. The Pathways provides » Read More

Thomas Di Leva

Born in Sweden, Europe.

Started coaching from my position as a meditation teacher. Lives in Stockholm. Married. Father of 2 boys.

Living the dream of my heart every day. Have been coaching » Read More

Coaching Style: Very soft, focused and listening... With simplicity giving you the energy, strength and clarity to move forward towards the life of your dreams.

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Myron Bernard

Myron has provided personal consultation, support and guidance, on-air coaching, live entertainment and tour management services for the past 19 years. He has a strong history of empowering and developing » Read More

Coaching Style: Direct reality consultation, and straight to the point honesty.

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Phillis Benson

Coaching YOU from Transition to Triumph! After all YOU Deserve IT!

I help you stay sane, balanced and centered in your busy life. If you're ready to » Read More

Nokubonga Mbanga

Nokubonga Mbanga is a founder of Self Insights (a personal development coaching company). She has more than 10 years experience in talent management, having worked in the FMCG, Engineering & entertainment » Read More

Joanne Gruttner

Coaching Style: educational, learner centred, at your pace but providing the inspiration and motivation to get you moving in the right direction to remove the barriers to your success with grace.

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