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Richard Griffiths

Richard Griffiths is a Spiritual Intelligence coach, and the founder of the Spiritual Intelligence Institute. He is a former National Chairman of the Transpersonal Psychology Section of the Australian » Read More

Suja Ali

I have always had an interest in the helping profession which led me to begin my college career with an eye towards medicine. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology and Immunology. Life » Read More

Ann Musico

I am a Holistic Health Coach as well as an author and blogger specializing in health issues. I have been a born-again believer and committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ for the past 30 years. » Read More

Dr. Joanna Carmichael

Dr. Carmichael is the Founder & CEO of the Kalyana Centre since September 2009. Her desire to create a place of beauty, healing and transformation where people can come to experience a variety of modalities » Read More

Coaching Style: Gentle but firm, stressing accountability and responsibility as well as stressing gentleness with oneself when making significant changes in lifestyle.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Missy Ann Grohne

I have traveled the world for a living and experienced many lifestyles. Having an active, adventurous life has led me to beat to the tune of my own drummer. I incorporate what I learn and make it fit » Read More

Grandmaster Animesh Chaklanobis

I am Healer in Alternative Therapies working in the field of Coaching Human Psychology Biofield Energy Managemnt Techniques helping people to recover the lost energy in each and every corner of life » Read More

Belinda Duncan Rn, Bsn, Htc

35 yrs. as a critical care Registered Nurse (BSRN). Worked adult ICU/CCU, Neonatal ICU as charge nurse and staff nurse in both areas for 8 years. Moved into the EMERGENCY ROOM after getting my Paramedic » Read More

Coaching Style: Coaching may also happen in an informal relationship between one individual who has greater experience and expertise than another and offers advice and guidance, as the other goes through a learning process. The methodologies of coaching are numerous, and may be designed on a case to case need to facilitate learning new behavior for personal growth or professional advancement.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Matt Detrick | The Remarkable Hypnotist

Matt Detrick is The Remarkable Hypnotist here at Remarkable Hypnosis where he assists clients make remarkable changes in their lives. You may want to quit smoking, free yourself from stress, » Read More

Coaching Style: My coaching style really depends on you... as I learned in the Marine Corps, adapt and overcome :)

Type(s) of Coaching:

Lori Bestler

With over 26 years of success in the personal development field influencing positive change, personal transformation, and helping others achieve peak performance, you will find that there is no substitute » Read More

Leon Nicholson

I am the founder and owner of The Gobedo Company which is a tool through which I promote my services as a public speaker and as a certified professional coach. I am also a member of the Professional » Read More

Dr. Karen Jacobson

Dr. Karen Jacobson, affectionately known as “Dr. J” has been serving the community since 1992, sharing a message of Health and Healing through a variety of print, radio and television media. She » Read More

Janick Lemieux – Unconditional Love Lover That Gets You Naked. Soul-naked That Is.

Janick Lemieux is Love.

Married with five children, Janick has dedicated her life to inspire all to leap into their limitless lives.

She combines her experience, education, and intuition » Read More

Sharon Ball

I could describe myself by naming one or many of the roles that I play. For instance, wife, mother, pet owner, dog trainer, baby boomer, book author, nurse practitioner, life and wellness coach, Christian » Read More

Phillis Benson

Coaching YOU from Transition to Triumph! After all YOU Deserve IT!

I help you stay sane, balanced and centered in your busy life. If you're ready to » Read More

Waltraud Unger

After years in Corporate America I have learned the importance of balancing career and wellness. My clients are successful individuals that strive for being the best in their professional and private » Read More

Janette Dalgliesh

Prior to finding my passion as a coach, I’ve been a puppeteer, a restaurant manager, a market researcher, a unionist, a speechwriter, a hotel maid, a director, an animator, a sales rep and an executive » Read More

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