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Jennifer White

I will work with you to help you BE.... Be the beautiful, empowered You that you really are.

Do you know where you're going? What you want in life? You want to be happy but have that nagging » Read More

Falana Gbenga

Coaching Style: A very attentive listener.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Tom Wakechild

As the author of A Course in Miracles For Dummies, Tom is known as the practical mystic. Tom has helped thousands overcome their deep seated blame, shame and guilt phobias by controlling their fears » Read More

Coaching Style: Practical, how to methodologies so that you can deal with this fear-based world while living in internal integrity with your true core values. By understanding the “Big Picture,” you can still be an active participant without being trapped by the blame, shame and guilty game of the current mass collective consciousness of this fear-based planet. Both coaching and mentoring styles are available.

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Michael Heartsong


Personal and Business Coach Extraordinaire

Quite simply, I can make any business run better. I can help business owners get more done, in less time, with less effort, » Read More

Coaching Style: Caring, sincere, unwavering, focused, determined, client centered

Type(s) of Coaching:

Roger House

Hi my name is Roger and I am a Trauma Resolution / Authentic Life Expression Coach. I have many experiences in my life that pushed me into doing this type of coaching. All the way from being homeless » Read More

Coaching Style: Fun and Productuve

Type(s) of Coaching:

Andrew Robertson

I am a highly motivated individual who enjoys assisting others to realize productive, happy lives. Inspired by nature's uncanny ability to recover or adapt to nearly anything, I bring this into my life » Read More

Coaching Style: Motivational, adaptive

Type(s) of Coaching:

Curtis Phelan

Kurt Phelan has been coaching clients of all ages and backgrounds, personally and professionally for more than 13 years. Having coached over 10,000 hours, he coaches both men and women on everything » Read More

Coaching Style: Model what the worlds most successful people do.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Philippa Ross

I define my role in life as an “Enthusiologist’ because it encapsulates the essence of who I am and my intentions to educate, energise and enthuse people to feel whole, worthy vibrant well beings. » Read More

Coaching Style: FUN, down to earth, empathetic, non judgemental, confidential mentoring service . Check out the testimonials on my website:

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Anne Miner

Anne Miner, BA, MBA, CMRP, Founder and President of the Dunvegan Group, is an acknowledged expert in the field of customer satisfaction measurement, customer care and customer retention. She holds a » Read More

Kellie Vanella

About the Coach Kellie is a wellness coach who desires to use her personal experiences and educational background in psychology and life coaching to motivate and inspire others who wish to pursue and » Read More

Cyndi Harris

Cyndi is a global spiritual transformation coach who has helped thousands of clients over the years. She believes in living life fully; embracing and recognizing the beauty, joy, and wisdom that is » Read More

Karyn Stapleton

I grew up in a country town in Australia with 600 people! Both grandparents were down the road and we had the bush, horses, motorbikes, rivers to swim in and the whole area to explore. I taught music » Read More

Suzanne Kellner-zinck

Suzanne Kellner-Zinck founded Dawning Visions Hypnosis in 2002, She has become an innovator in the use of hypnotism and neuro-linguistic programming in the areas of obsessive compulsive disorders such » Read More

Nanci Biddle

» Read More
Coaching Style: My clients description of my coaching Style: "Nanci has the special ability to blend the gentleness and laughter of a friend, the understanding and compassion of a confidant and the strength and intuition of a guide."

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Cheryl Charron

Located in the windy flatland of southern Saskatchewan (Canada), Cheryl has coached people from all walks of life through life changing events since 2006. In Fall 2012, Wingspan expanded to include » Read More

Anita Myers

Anita Myers is a certified Life Coach and certified Relationship Coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute, carrying over 20 years of corporate experience working with people in the Chicagoland » Read More

Klara Maucec

Klara M fully understands how people with eating disorders, food struggle and compulsive eating feel and think. Her empathy in identifying personal needs of those that struggle with their weight is » Read More

Rebecca Shotton

About a decade ago, while becoming Certified as a Professional Life Coach (CPC) I realized that not only did it come naturally to me, but that it was a Passion. I believe » Read More

Lee Hepworth M.a

High-performance coach propels clients from block to a Unified Perspective.

Many people are blocked, on and off the field, in their personal lives, their business lives and their sporting lives. » Read More

Coaching Style: Hard hitting, results orientated and powerful presence inducing to get the job done. You keep the state for everything else in your life too.

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Donna Woolam

Donna K Woolam

Donna K Woolam has 25+ years of experience leading successful organizations. She is married to her hero, Richard, and the proud mom of two sons, Dustin and Monty. Jayme, her daughter-in-love, is wife » Read More

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