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Sharmetra Pittman

Sharmetra Pittman is a Life Coach and the CEO of Love Life Enterprises, LLC. With a professional background in Education and Human Services, Sharmetra unleashes her real life experiences to fulfill » Read More

Coaching Style: Authentic, passionate, practical, realistic

Type(s) of Coaching:

Wildly Outspoken: Ceidi – Transformational Coach, Speaker, & Trainer

On November 26 1982, 9:06 am, I died giving birth to my son... According to my midwives, I was without heartbeat or respiration for a little over five minutes... By my remembrance, I was gone timelessly, » Read More

Coaching Style: Very straight forward, tell it like it is, but in love, with kindeness... A nurturing style.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Darren Beesey

I have been coaching unofficially for a number of years now and have guided friends and family to achieve fantastic results. I have now made it my number one priority as coaching is what I love and » Read More

Coaching Style: Intuitive, patient and positive. I will also be tough when you need it!

Type(s) of Coaching:

Yvonne Horner

Hi, my name’s Yvonne and if I told you the full story about how I came to be in this particular place at this particular time in my life, it would take way too long, so I will be as brief as possible. » Read More

Coaching Style: Intuitive

Type(s) of Coaching:

Fr. Kevin Pius Manion

Worked in financial services, founded a non-profit, completed seminary studies and was ordained a Catholic priest in 1989 for the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Mexico. Subsequently, I served as vicar, » Read More

Charlie Boyer

CHARLES BOYER , Ed.D., BCC, (Charlie) brings creativity, confidence, clarity, humor, excellent organizational skills and a wealth of lifetime teaching and leadership experiences to his coaching practice. » Read More

Faisal Khattak

So many of our young adults are led by unhealthy and dysfunctional media images or other kids who wield maladjusted power over other kids.

Your child has within them a hidden leader. My job, » Read More

Coaching Style: Authentic and to the point.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Rocky Dezelle

I was an Aerospace Design Drafter after not becoming an engineer. Blame it on Calculus. I was a Local Area Networking Technician after not becoming an engineer. Blame it on Microsoft Training books I » Read More

Coaching Style: No Student Left Behind!

Type(s) of Coaching:

Michele Tedder

As a nurse with more than 20 years of experience in mental health nursing I have been coaching people throughout my professional life. I hold a Bachelor's degree in nursing from the University of Pittsburgh » Read More

Coaching Style: no-nonsense nurturing in a personable "keeping it real" style

Type(s) of Coaching:

Stephanie Baker

Stephanie is the founder of Life In Abundance, a ministry devoted to providing affordable, convenient and practical Christian life-coaching and counseling services to female clients. She is a Board » Read More

Mindy Lee M. Lipsky

My name is Mindy Lee M. Lipsky. I am the founder and owner of Innovative Coaching Services where I provide Personal and Professional Coaching services to suit your needs. While I coach many different » Read More

Susan Maravetz

The Essential Path supports, inspires and challenges focused, determined individuals seeking insight, balance and achievement in their professional and personal lives by identifying core essential elements » Read More

Lee Hepworth M.a

High-performance coach propels clients from block to a Unified Perspective.

Many people are blocked, on and off the field, in their personal lives, their business lives and their sporting lives. » Read More

Coaching Style: Hard hitting, results orientated and powerful presence inducing to get the job done. You keep the state for everything else in your life too.

Type(s) of Coaching: ,

Sharan Fifer

Sharan Fifer is a Master Life and Business Success Coach certified through the American University of NLP. Her formal training is in Organizational Managment from Ashford University in Clinton, IA. » Read More

Kathy Butler

Kathy combines her years of experience working with individuals and groups from differing socioeconomic backgrounds with a psychology background. (psychology degree) She spent many years in social » Read More

Ange Fonce

Gender Education For Human Relationships

The Personal Man

YOU SHOULD KNOW that I am attracted to people who are attractive themselves, exceptional, honest, intelligent, spontaneous, and open to new ideas, learning’s and adventures, » Read More

Miklos Csiky

Coaching part time since 1999, more intensely since June 2011.

Qualified as a Doctor 1990, Paediatrician 1995, and Child&Adolescent Psychiatrist 2001.

My special interest on this field » Read More

Deron Pullins

Deron Pullins is the founder of Positive Angle Coaching & Consulting. Deron’s diverse background and experience spans over 25 years in workforce education and development, project management, officiating » Read More

Coaching Style: Empowering, Authentic, Encouraging

Type(s) of Coaching: ,

Zoltan Gogolak

Zoltan Gogolak

2006 - coach, senior consultant @ Gogolak Communications - business end executive coaching 2002 - CEO @Gogolak Communications 1995 - 2007 owner of G-Punkt Studio Communications small » Read More

Suzie Cheel

Suzie Cheel

I’ve been called the Abundance Queen, the Heart Whisperer and the Healer’s Healer. I’m a certified Law of Attraction facilitator, intuitive coach, artist, inspirational speaker, author and the » Read More

Arzu Durukan

I am a Transformational Life Coach who works with women who would like to create the lfe they want, who would like to Thrive in all major areas of their lives.

I love helping people dream and » Read More

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