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Marlo Zarka

Marlo Zarka is a professional achievement coach with significant expertise in strategizing for success through thoughtful planning, resource expansion, consensus building and leadership development. » Read More

Coaching Style: Level-headed with expectations for everyone's greatness to show up.

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Rachel Keen

Rachel is based in Brisbane and loves helping unfilled women, create freedom and adventure so that they can live a purpose filled life on their terms. Her career path has taken her to various parts » Read More

Coaching Style: Tough, Relaxed, Empowered

Type(s) of Coaching:

Charlie Boyer

CHARLES BOYER , Ed.D., BCC, (Charlie) brings creativity, confidence, clarity, humor, excellent organizational skills and a wealth of lifetime teaching and leadership experiences to his coaching practice. » Read More

Susan Wright

Susan started her life coaching company, Beacon Of Life®, in 2002 after a 20 year corporate career leading teams in IT and Customer Service. She has studied self-improvement, spiritual, and metaphysical » Read More

Coaching Style: supportive

Type(s) of Coaching:

Gina Rafkind

I’m the Chief Anxiety Busting Guide at VedaSun.

I’m a nature-lover, photo-taker, chakra-junkie, health-nut, information-seeker, Ayurveda aficionado, crystal collector, extreme animal lover » Read More

Coaching Style: Fiercely kind, courageously supportive

Type(s) of Coaching:

Montserrat Blackett Moss

Holistic Life Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Montserrat’s Holistic Life Coaching & Ayurvedic practice is designed to unleash the power within and to bring the subconscious, » Read More

Coaching Style: Aligning Mind, Body and Soul

Type(s) of Coaching:

Rachael Farmer

My name is Rachael, and I am a qualified Holistic Life Coach (Dip. H.L.C.) I have many years experience helping people achieve their potential. I am a member of the Guild for stress management and trauma » Read More

Coaching Style: Co-Active, delivering a client Discovery, Choice, and Action

Type(s) of Coaching:

Lin Mcdowell

Lin McDowell is a graduate of the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching. She has received additional training on enhancing individual performance in the workplace, and has » Read More

Wendi Hatton

Wendi Hatton is a Business and Life Transformation Coach. Her mission is to help as many personal coaches as she can, attract as many high-end clients as they can by teaching effective marketing and » Read More

Lynda Barton

This is where we transform your dreams into reality! Founder of Right Fit 4 Life, Lynda Barton, specializes in business coaching the micro-entrepreneur (0-5 employees) just starting out. Our organization » Read More

Katja Rusanen

Katja Rusanen, Spiritual Life Coach

I'm Katja Rusanen. a Business Coach for Lightworkers (life coaches & healers). I'm originally from Finland, but I swapped the Nordic winters for Spanish sunshine in 2002 and I've recently moved to California. » Read More

Carrie Copley

I work with people who are striving for success in their professional and personal lives. Although they typically see where they want to go or how they want to live; their biggest barrier is themselves » Read More

Miklos Csiky

Coaching part time since 1999, more intensely since June 2011.

Qualified as a Doctor 1990, Paediatrician 1995, and Child&Adolescent Psychiatrist 2001.

My special interest on this field » Read More

Jenese Joseph

Today, having an understanding of the strengths of spiritual and emotional intelligence I am able to use the knowledge of my youth and priesthood training to tap into the secrets of living an 'In Spirit' » Read More

Thomas Di Leva

Born in Sweden, Europe.

Started coaching from my position as a meditation teacher. Lives in Stockholm. Married. Father of 2 boys.

Living the dream of my heart every day. Have been coaching » Read More

Coaching Style: Very soft, focused and listening... With simplicity giving you the energy, strength and clarity to move forward towards the life of your dreams.

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Phillis Benson

Coaching YOU from Transition to Triumph! After all YOU Deserve IT!

I help you stay sane, balanced and centered in your busy life. If you're ready to » Read More

Jackie Holl

I coach smart, savvy, soon-to be and newly retired professionals to create a fun and fulling retirement by championing their goals so they can continue to contribute and thrive in the new chapter of » Read More

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