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Debbie Kessler

I graduated with a Master in Ministry with Christian Counseling. With more prayer and waiting to hear God's voice, God called me to Christian Life & Marriage Coaching.

I fell in LOVE with » Read More

Coaching Style: firm, yet graceful

Type(s) of Coaching:

Nancy Montier

I am a strong, peaceful, earth-based coach who specializes in working with Indigos, crystals, and spiritual beings to help them realize their true purpose, develop confidence, and find their unique » Read More

Coaching Style: Encouraging, nurturing, and challenging

Type(s) of Coaching:

Nora Paxton

Professional life coach with more than 10 years experience coaching men building the confidence to find their purpose , regain control of their life and their masculinity, and ultimately rediscover » Read More

Coaching Style: Perceptive, supportive and challenging

Type(s) of Coaching:

Sandra Lee

Sandra is an experienced master Coach in personal and business success strategies. A business consultant, leadership coach and success path pro, she offers over 20 years of proven experience and effectiveness » Read More

Rahel Kuhne

I was born in Berlin, East Germany fenced in and watched by the Stasi next door. 1980 my mother had a vision for a better life and took the risk to get our family out of that constricting system. She » Read More

Mo Bailey, Mcc – Sociology-based Coach, Consultant And Speaker For Baby Boomers

Mo Bailey is a dynamic, dedicated and diversely trained master certified coach, consultant and speaker. Client's thrive in Mo's style of experiential and co-active work with her.

Mo illuminates » Read More

Coaching Style: Sociology-based coach, Co-Active and Servant Leadership, Advocacy tools, Direct with Diplomacy(tm) program incorporated

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Linda Williams

Linda has been homeless, a drunk, a victim of domestic violence, a drug dealer, hopeless and helpless. Everyone has a past. Do you know that your past does not define your present nor dictate your future? » Read More

Porche Gail

Portia started impacting and shaping lives and career pathways since 2004. Her areas of expertise are in Spiritual and Academic Coaching. Her clients come to her not understanding why they cannot seem » Read More

Gord Theo

My expertise lies in transformational life changes and transitioning. I am the creator of the Core Power Coaching Method and designer of the Life Champions Game for Personal Evolution. Professionally » Read More

Keith Young

Was a high level cnc lathe machinist for 33 years. Always loved teaching and coaching. I taught bowling classes, as I was almost a professional bowler at one time and also taught magic classes at a » Read More

Rodney Koons

I help growth oriented small business owners develop their inspired thoughts, so they can more efficiently manifest their visions of contribution, prosperity, and balance.

Small business owners » Read More

Liv Montgomery

Liv Montgomery has a unique background that combines the tangible and intangible, assisting clients to lead of a life of joy and fulfillment through personal integrity. She is a successful author, consultant, » Read More

Melissa Fahrney

Melissa is currently a practicing ADHD, life coach, licensed HeartMath™coach and school psychologist. Her unique training and background experiences include: M.A. Psychology University of West Florida, » Read More

Valerie Priester

I AM a Certified Business & Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker. I am passionate about helping new coaches build profitable coaching businesses that they love. I have been in the coaching industry » Read More

Marianne Strait

Feel stuck? I'm Marianne Strait, a passionate life coach who assists people who know they are far more than the life they are currently living, to overcome their obstacles,limitations and self sabotage » Read More

Steven Odette

If you're looking for help in your life or business, I'm here to support you and help you achieve your goals.

From corporate coaching and presentations to individual, one-on-one coaching and » Read More

Coaching Style: Focused and flexible; from "help you laugh at life" to "feel like you want to hit me"... and everything in between.

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Kathy Atkinson

Success Coach, Law of Attraction Specialist, EFT Meridian Tapping Expert

Kathy helps her clients eliminate the conscious, or often unconscious, fears, doubts and liminting beliefs that prevent » Read More

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