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Terry Whitaker

Terry Whitaker Entrepreneur Coach

Known by those she works with as “The Truth Teller,” Terry Whitaker is on a mission: to bring more veracity to work–and to life.

Terry delivers straightforward strategies for entrepreneurs » Read More

Coaching Style: No nonsense, straightforward.

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Joe Nicassio

Joe Nicassio is America’s leading expert at troubleshooting business problems. He provides “Growth-Oriented” Entrepreneurs over 30 proven strategies, so they can “Get More Customers, To Pay » Read More

Coaching Style: I will push you, but if we need to break it into smaller pieces, we will do whatever it takes to get you implementing, systematically.

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Joe Soto

Joe's current clients include Jeffrey Gitomer, Harvey Mackay, Mark Sanborn, Sally Hogshead and other well known speakers and business authors.

Joe is a leading expert in social media and inbound » Read More

Hawk Mikado ▹call 832.800.4295 Now◃

Hawk Mikado is a serial entrepreneur and business strategies expert. He understands the importance of having The Ultimate Sales Funnel™ using the right messaging in alignment with your marketing » Read More

Coaching Style: I hold you accountable in a loving kick you kindly kind of way. Watch this testimonial:

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Carol Mason Mortarotti

Former professional WTA tennis player and New York Stock Exchange clerk. Since 2007 I have been working as a Social Media Consultant helping small businesses and professionals tweak their marketing » Read More

Coaching Style: Challenging, don't accept excuses, and always encouraging.

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Sherry Prindle

Sherry Prindle, the Motivational Mastermind, is committed to Masterminding avenues of growth and streams of income for life changers and light workers.

A Certified Master Coach Trainer, Sherry » Read More

Coaching Style: Transformational Paradigm Shifting

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Maggie Dennison

I've been coaching since 1996. Along the way I began writing for my entrepreneurial clients. That led me to educate myself intensely in copywriting and marketing: marketing is now the focus of my business » Read More

Coaching Style: Straightforward. Challenging. No hype.

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Cheryl Lynn

» Read More
Coaching Style: present attention, love and support

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Drew Carey

Drew Carey, Indianapolis Life Coach

Drew Carey spent the first 25 years of his career in corporate communications, training and healthcare marketing before becoming a life coach in 2012. He attended the life coaching program at Erickson » Read More

Stephen Boutelle

Stephen Boutelle, “The Premiere Info-Strategist”

With a natural gift for teaching and training, Stephen’s goal is helping others to identify their passions and turn them into profits, both offline and online. Specializing in teaching small business » Read More

Robert Andolsek

20 years of personal entrepreneur experience, which I am willing to share with successful business persons who wants to increase own businesses.

Company programs, developed from beginning and » Read More

Jurgen Homola

I Help Entrepreneurs, Local Businesses, Large Corporates, Multinational Franchises, and A-list Celebrities GLOBALLY to Increase Their Visibility, Competitiveness, Profitability and Marketing ROI via Incredibly Innovative, Groundbreaking Business and Marketing Solutions - Catapulting Them As The #1 Authority In Their Field.

I Help Entrepreneurs, Local Businesses, Large Corporates, Multinational Franchises, and A-list Celebrities GLOBALLY to Increase Their Visibility, Competitiveness, Profitability and Marketing ROI via » Read More

Coaching Style: My Style is Inspirational, Casual, Co-Operative and Participative. I'm A "Been-There-Done-That, Worn-The-T-Shirt-Torn-The-T-Shirt" Coach With TONS of Real Life Experience Of ALL Kinds. If You Are Looking For A "Feel-Good" or "Sunshine-Up-Your-Nostrils" Kinda Coach, I Ain't It. I Won't And Don't Settle For Excuses And I'll Challenge You To Become Your Best.

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Adrian Richfield

I'm an enthusiastic, adaptable and experienced business and performance trainer and coach. Achievement and target driven to improve performance while managing costs and maintain the core values of » Read More

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