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Lisa Perrecone

About me...

I started my private coaching practice in 2001 right after graduating from the Coaching Academy as a certified performance coach. I chose this path or shall I say this path chose » Read More

Coaching Style: Dream big goals... use accountability and consistency to get you there.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Scott Mcgregor

During my PhD program at Florida State I met Hare Krishnas on campus. The Bhagavad Gita intrigued me, the philosophy warmed my heart, and the food was awesome! The more I practiced mantra meditation » Read More

Coaching Style: Deep listening, courageous introspection and powerful self expression.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Coach Carlota Arthur

How would your life change if you could tap into your full potential and become the parent GOD created you to be? How would you like to become the parent that you really want to be to your children? » Read More

Coaching Style: Spiritual based coaching, empowering coaching

Type(s) of Coaching:

Deaunna Evans

Hello! My name is Deaunna Evans, I am a Master Certified Life Coach, and owner and head parent coach of Super Moms Coaching. I help frustrated parents adopt a holistic approach to parenting that » Read More

Tresaca Hamilton

Tresaca is a Teen Turnaround Specialist committed to helping teens thrive. She is a youth empowerment veteran and has years of experience in developing programs for youth, and working with youth to » Read More

Susan Epstein

Susan graduated from the U. C. Berkeley School of Social Welfare and is a certified Brief Strategic Family Therapist through the University of Miami. She completed training in 2003 with the internationally » Read More

Coaching Style: Listen, Vision, Build the dream, Teach the skills, support, celebrate!

Type(s) of Coaching:

Sue Balding

After raising four children, multiple dogs & cats, and still married to the same husband, I went back to school at NYU for Personal Life Coach training and specializing in Family/Parenting Coaching. The » Read More

Jill Gawrych

I have been both a corporate (business) coach and a personal (life) coach for over 10 years. I am a Registered Corporate Coach, which just means I've taken classes and tests to prove my expertise. The » Read More

Sherry Matheson

Sherry is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Change Agent. She brings 20 years of experience working with teams in various settings – corporate, legal, and team leadership development to her consulting » Read More

Eudine, The Conflict Mediator

I am a conflict resolution coach and family mediator, working with individuals, families and couples who are in relationship crisis; who want to understand how to communicate effectively, resolve and » Read More

Alenka Tercic

Alenka Tercic is a mom and entrepreneur, founder of The Best Children Lessons, Dream Life Creation and host of Sparkling Kids Interview series. She is the author of “Playing the Life Lessons (Law » Read More

Phillis Benson

Coaching YOU from Transition to Triumph! After all YOU Deserve IT!

I help you stay sane, balanced and centered in your busy life. If you're ready to » Read More

Tim Grant

I have been a coach for 3 years now, but it feels like a lifetime in the making. I am certified in Psych-K and have studied and used NLP, EFT, and Reconnective healing. I am also versed in the neturalpathic » Read More

Jennifer Day

Coaching in both the UK and the USA, Jennifer founded and has been coaching Applied Emotional Mastery for two decades, and has written six books, two of which have been on best-seller lists and are » Read More

Caron Goode

Dr. Goode, a certified life coach, counselor and therapist, is the founder of the HeartWise relationship strategies involving alignment through head-heart-gut, which she now shares in her co-authored » Read More

Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly is an Anti-bullying specialist and is one of the brightest minds in coaching and consulting on the topic of BULLYING today.

She incorporates three key aspects, one being life-transforming » Read More

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