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Kimi Avary

I'm all about Love! I love my life! I love my husband Art who I met when I was 38! I love my work helping men and women understand each other so that they can get to the love and partnership that they » Read More

Claudette Chenevert

If you've ever wondered "What did I get myself into?" then it's time to have someone help you get clear about this. Hi, my name is Claudette Chenevert, known as The Stepmom Coach. I work with women » Read More

Jenna Johnson

HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY JENNA? **I’m the one establishing an inviting environment, creating rapport, and remaining approachable to clients of all levels. **I’m the one with a sense of humor and a perpetual » Read More

Barbara Cormack

A friend once told Barbara J. Cormack (formerly Barbara J. Dalpra) that she maintains an optimistic outlook, despite whatever happens. This point of view is vital, especially when she is working as » Read More

Derek Walsh

I am a licensed practitioner of Neuro Linguistics and Communication and a member of the IAPO international association of professional motivational speakers, a certified IABA boxing coach, a kick start » Read More

Dr. Erica Goodstone

Dr. Erica Goodstone

Dr. Erica Goodstone is a RELATIONSHIP HEALER helping men and women, individuals and couples, gay and straight heal their relationships through Love. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed » Read More

Coaching Style: I help you to examine your recent and distant past relationships, your current situation, your relationship with yourself and the way you relate to others as a foundation for letting go of what you don't want and creating the life and relationships you do want and are ready to choose. My style is gentle, firm and to the point. I don’t mince words but I also do not put any type of pressure upon you to take actions, change your behavior or act in any way that you are not ready for. My goal is to be a catalyst and impetus for YOU to make the decisions and choices that will naturally lead toward attaining your desired goals and dreams.

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Sue Irwin B.msc.

I was born knowing and have had a calling all my life to make a difference in life on the planet. In 1985 I became certified as a body worker and was introduced to the amazing experience of transformational » Read More

Atlanta Dating & Relationship Coach, Online Dating Manager – Ninegps

Matchmaker | Dating & Relationship Coach | Online Dating Manager | Virtual Dating Assistant

Karla Moore is a professional Atlanta based matchmaker, dating/relationship coach who knows first » Read More

Cheryl Donovan

Cheryl Lacey Donovan is an empowerment life coach who helps people make the transition from where they are to where they want to be. .An entrepreneur for 20 years Cheryl has now started her coaching » Read More

Yvette Durazo

Yvette Durazo is the founder of Unitive Consulting. She specializes in conflict resolution management and performance coaching. Yvette is an Adjunct Professor for National University for the Alternative » Read More

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