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Jo Mchale

My mission is to bring more empathy and compassion into relationships at home (and at work, too).

My professional credentials stem from my studies of psychology. The thread that links all my » Read More

Nancy Pina

Coaching Style: Nancy offers clear, practical guidance to achieve relationship success with an emphasis on breaking past relationship patterns.

Type(s) of Coaching:

Kimberly Mcgowan

My name is Kimberly and I am the founder of Professional Singles, which is all about dating the modern professional. I am a Dating and Love Coach as well as Professional Matchmaker. My goal is to » Read More

Michellejoy Brown

Awesome, amazing, inspired, intuitive lover of life!

(Who am I really: A Life Coach/Life Architect ®. Happily Married, 26 beautiful years! Licensed professional counselor, Inspirational Speaker, » Read More

Karyn Stapleton

I grew up in a country town in Australia with 600 people! Both grandparents were down the road and we had the bush, horses, motorbikes, rivers to swim in and the whole area to explore. I taught music » Read More

Haydyn Dorrough

My CV and Biography can be produced on request when required. I am retired and only work part-time.

I am happy to discuss with prospective clients - both personal and corporate - their coaching » Read More

Susan Maravetz

The Essential Path supports, inspires and challenges focused, determined individuals seeking insight, balance and achievement in their professional and personal lives by identifying core essential elements » Read More

Jenna Johnson

HOW CAN YOU IDENTIFY JENNA? **I’m the one establishing an inviting environment, creating rapport, and remaining approachable to clients of all levels. **I’m the one with a sense of humor and a perpetual » Read More

Barbara Cormack

A friend once told Barbara J. Cormack (formerly Barbara J. Dalpra) that she maintains an optimistic outlook, despite whatever happens. This point of view is vital, especially when she is working as » Read More

Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly is an Anti-bullying specialist and is one of the brightest minds in coaching and consulting on the topic of BULLYING today.

She incorporates three key aspects, one being life-transforming » Read More

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