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Melissa Grom

Melissa is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. Many of her clients have found meaningful, fulfilling, satisfying and happy lives; began consciously dating; changed an unhealthy dating relationship » Read More

Sue Ellen Ewing, Cc

Sue Ellen Ewing is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach on a mission to put the FUN back into finding love!

I work with frustrated single women who are sick of unsuccessful dating and unsatisfying » Read More

Rhonda Lamoureux


Rhonda typically works with clients who are frustrated with being in unsatisfying relationships, are struggling in their current relationship or just want to improve the relationship they are in. Rhonda » Read More

Diana D. Price

Diana Price and Associates is a consulting firm that works with companies and business owners to transform relationships with their customers by developing customized programs that deliver exceptional, » Read More

Yvette Durazo

Yvette Durazo is the founder of Unitive Consulting. She specializes in conflict resolution management and performance coaching. Yvette is an Adjunct Professor for National University for the Alternative » Read More

Catherine Sternberg

For over 30 years Catherine Sternberg has been actively involved in personal development as a corporate trainer, an educator in continuing education, a strategy coach and as a student of continuous » Read More

Shannon Alexander

Shannon Presley Alexander possesses 15 years coaching and consulting in clinical, educational and business psychology and human resources where she's gained a multitude of experience. She's innovative » Read More

Cheryl Donovan

Cheryl Lacey Donovan is an empowerment life coach who helps people make the transition from where they are to where they want to be. .An entrepreneur for 20 years Cheryl has now started her coaching » Read More

Steven Carney

I developed a passion for overcoming life challenges because I had a childhood illness. I learned what it’s like to be hospitalized and go through shots, surgeries, pain, etc. It was a real lesson » Read More

Paul Hodson

Paul Hodson has helped people improve for most of his life, and after 15 years working in the health and fitness industry has recently made SI life and business direction his focus. He is passionate » Read More

Barbara Cormack

A friend once told Barbara J. Cormack (formerly Barbara J. Dalpra) that she maintains an optimistic outlook, despite whatever happens. This point of view is vital, especially when she is working as » Read More

Jeff Forte

I have had a reasonable measure of success in my life. Rose Bowl football player, A successful Wall Street Investment Firm Career: First Quintile Financial Advisor, Elite Executive Services Advisor » Read More

Deborah St.hilaire

Deb is a life coach, author and motivational speaker. She coaches with great empathy, expects her clients to work hard, be honest and desire to heal. She believes that we all own great inner strength, » Read More

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