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Toi Truss

I am a Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, a Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer. As a fitness professional, it is my desire to make a difference in the lives of others and » Read More

Coaching Style: Nonjudgmental, upbeat, positive, step-by-step, supportive, moving at your preferred pace, focused on your goal and dreams, accountable, adaptable, goal and results-oriented, personal, educational, encouraging, engaging and highly effective.

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Joan Marie Verba

Joan Marie Verba was once obese herself. She reached her weight goals in 1979 and has kept the weight off ever since. She has had nine years’ experience advising clients how to lose weight as part » Read More

Shellie Wingate

I enjoy watching someone's confidence level rise as they begin accomplishing goals that will help them be healthy and lose weight. My wellness coaching practice has a focus on healthy weight loss through » Read More

Adriana Ellis

Adriana Ellis is a Certified Weight Loss Coach, Certified Elite Life Coach, an Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program Licensed Facilitator as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. When you are aware » Read More

Esther Coronel De Iberkleid

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, lives in La Paz, Bolivia. She has a doctorate in Chemistry and is trained in TFH, PKP, EFT and NLP. She has certificates as a Life Coach, Business Coach, Social and Emotional » Read More

Keith Young

Was a high level cnc lathe machinist for 33 years. Always loved teaching and coaching. I taught bowling classes, as I was almost a professional bowler at one time and also taught magic classes at a » Read More

Theresa Chabot

My name is Theresa Chabot, and I am a high energy, vibrant, passionate person who loves life. I am a graduate of Providence College. I have always been interested in nutrition, how it works, and what » Read More

Douglas Allitt

I am a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, a Certified Past Life Regressionist, a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher/Distance Healing Specialist, PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique) Therapist, Certified » Read More

Phillis Benson

Coaching YOU from Transition to Triumph! After all YOU Deserve IT!

I help you stay sane, balanced and centered in your busy life. If you're ready to » Read More

Steven Blake Mba

I have helped hundreds of people with weight loss, health issues and other problems that can be corrected by a change in thinking. I studied NLP and Hypnosis to help people "get their head around it". » Read More

Joanne Gruttner

Coaching Style: educational, learner centred, at your pace but providing the inspiration and motivation to get you moving in the right direction to remove the barriers to your success with grace.

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Jamie Weil

“Be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you may become.” W.E.B. DuBois

My path to become a teacher became clear at an early age. As a third grader, I was sent back to the » Read More

Shelley Mitchell Cpm, Bba – My Personal Business Coach Llc

Shelley Mitchell - 6figure FOCUS formula - My Personal Business Coach - Combat Veteran - Business & Lifestyle Coach of The Year!

Tim Grant

I have been a coach for 3 years now, but it feels like a lifetime in the making. I am certified in Psych-K and have studied and used NLP, EFT, and Reconnective healing. I am also versed in the neturalpathic » Read More

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