1st Annual IMPACT Conference

“The 1st Annual IMPACT Coaching Conference Will Help You Change Yourself, Change Your Clients, And Change The World – In a Much Bigger Way…”

From the desk of: Christian Mickelsen, Founder of IMPACT

Dear Coach,

You do work that changes the world, one client at a time. You transform people’s lives by facilitating their growth, creating positive internal changes and helping them get external results. And you would do this work for free.

It’s time we met.

IMPACT is hosting an event for coaches who want real strategies that will help them coach better, get more clients, and change the world.

“There are basically 3 kinds of
coaches in the world…”

The first are those who are just getting started or have done a lot of practice coaching and “pro-bono” coaching and maybe had a couple of paying clients now and then. A lot of these coaches have actually been through several different trainings in various personal growth models and coaching modalities. Their biggest need is to learn some of the in’s and out’s of marketing and sales, so they can grow a full practice, while keeping their heart-centered focus on helping people.

The second are successful business owners and internet marketers who are experts in helping people get a certain type of result, such as fitness experts or business experts. A lot of these experts are adding high-end coaching to their repertoire of services to help their clients and customers on a deeper level. Their biggest need is to learn how to make deep internal changes so their clients can actually implement the strategies they teach.

The third are those who have been coaching full time for many years and are very skilled coaches. A lot of them maybe even started coaching since before the internet was such a big deal. Now, despite their years of experience, they are lost in a sea of other coaches. They need to keep up to date with the latest marketing strategies that are becoming an essential part of having a successful coaching business.

“What Would Happen If These 3 Groups of Coaches Got Together and Open-Heartedly Shared their Best Practices and Success Secrets?”

 On January 10-11, 2013, they will.

During the conference you will…

=> personally experience and get training in almost every different type and modality of coaching – you might not use ALL these styles yourself but to be a well-rounded coach, it’s great to know what they are and how they work

=> learn new coaching models that you can immediately use with your own clients – you might know from your own experience, some of the most effective and powerful coaching models are very simple to learn (and by ‘practicing’ them on real clients you can quickly become a masterful coach)

=> discover a step-by-step system on exactly what to say & do with your clients during your first month (you can adapt this IMPACT model to fit in with your personal style of coaching) – imagine NEVER being stuck on where to take your client next.

=> be inspired by leading experts in the coaching & personal development industry, and let the natural, unstoppable process of inner growth occur as you soak in the energy and enjoy the entertainment

=> discover the 3-step process to getting coaching clients and filling your practice, and create a plan to put it into practice as soon as you walk out the door

=> discover best practices and templates you can use to track your clients, invoices and income, and avoid the disaster of paper-work that plagues your desk and confuses your clients

=> hang out with us, meet potential “Joint Venture Partners” you can team up with, sign up new clients, meet you new best “buddy coach”, expand your network and make friends with fellow “world-changers”

=>Speak at the IMPACT Conference

We’re looking for speakers to teach something that will blow away an audience of coaches (not sales and marketing related). Click here to learn more…

=> Share Your Client’s Success Story

We’re looking for coaches that have helped clients achieve super awesome, life-changing results and would like to tell us their story on stage at the IMPACT conference (and possibly bring their client along to tell the tale). Click here to learn more…

=> Shape This Event

What would make this event an out of this world, blow your mind, must attend event? If you sign up now and become a ‘founding member’ of IMPACT, you’ll influence the event.

Share your ideas about what would make this a must attend event by sending us your comments below:
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SAVE THE DATES: January 10-11, 2013

San Diego, California, USA

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Let’s make an IMPACT together.
Your Friend,
Founder, IMPACT