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“IMPACT 2013: Now You Can Finally Experience The Powerful, Unforgettable, Un-Missable, Life-Changing, Business-Changing, Income-Increasing & World Changing Event For Coaches…”

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Dear Coach,

You’re here for a purpose much greater than yourself. Your mission is to the get the whole world coached (and coached exceptionally well).

If people don’t end up getting coached, they’ll probably never make the changes they were longing for. That’s sad when you think about it.

That’s where we come in. We want to help YOU set and exceed your goals for your life and your coaching business – starting right now. And if we do our job right, that means more people will get coached by you than ever before.

I want to help you gain so much success and momentum that you jump out of bed with excitement and energy every morning eager to get work changing people’s lives.

Not only will you soak up tons of inspiring, powerful, usable, actionable ideas and strategies, as you go through the videos on the other side of this website, you’ll also leave with an action plan so you can hit the ground running to achieve everything you want and more.

“The Best Possible Way To Take Your Coaching To The Next Level Is With Lots of Clients – Relax & Let Us Do a Lot of The Work For You…”

Instead of paying $25,000 or more to hire marketing consultants to create all of your marketing materials for you (especially when sometimes typical marketing approaches don’t work for coaches), here’s a better idea…

Get access to the IMPACT 2013 Conference recordings and get all of these proven coaching business building tools & templates to set up, grow and run your coaching business, including…

  • Brand *New* 2013 Client-Getting Emails: send these out to your friends & family and ask them to pass it on to their contacts. You’ll have people clamoring for your introductory coaching sessions in as little as 24 hours!
  • Client-Getting Commercials – exactly what to say when you meet potential clients, partners, or even family and friends, so they instantly ‘get’ what you do, and refer clients to you.
  • List of Client Hang Outs – exactly where to find a large number of potential clients to speak in front of, network with, or hang out with.
  • Client Getting Website Templates – what to write on your website so 40-60% of people who visit your site sign up to receive your newsletter and coaching offers.
  • Strategic Alliance/ Joint Venture Partner Lists – who you can team up with, and how to create win-win relationships with them, so they get excited to fill your coaching practice for you (People often network for clients, but 1 good Joint Venture can fill your entire practice for a year in 1 shot. And at the conference, you’ll meet a LOT of potential partners!)
  • Joint Venture Partnership Script – exactly what to say to ‘open up’ a JV conversation, and a dozen different ways you can create massive value for JV partners even if you don’t have an email list (and they have a huge one!)

One of the biggest factors that will affect your success as a coach is your own level of confidence. So, during the conference, you’ll discover…

“How To Be The Calm, Confident, Naturally Attractive, Highly-Credible Coach That Great Clients Are Looking For…”

When it comes to being a successful coach, confidence is king.

You need to know for certain that your coaching is far more valuable than whatever monetary amount your clients may be paying for it.

The more certain you are in your own ability and the value you deliver as a coach, the more you’ll effortlessly attract your ideal clients, and get them real results that they’ve spent years aiming for, without success.

There are a lot of different ways to build your confidence as a coach. In fact, this element is so important to your success that as you explore the IMPACT conference recordings, you’ll learn all about…

  • The inner game of confidence – what confidence is, where it comes from and how to tap into a deep reservoir of inner confidence that will make you a magnet to great coaching clients.
  • “The First Five Sessions”: How to use a simple “back-up template” that covers exactly what to do and say during your first 5 coaching sessions working with a new client on a new goal. These templates cover the 10 major goals clients tend to ask coaches for help on. If you’ve ever wondered what ‘content’ to guide people through during your coaching programs, here it is.
  • How to eliminate your own doubts, fears, insecurities and “the need to be perfect” before you can be a great ‘life coach’ (rich, thin, married & no problems at all are unreasonable standards we coaches tend to measure ourselves by).

As well as having the marketing tools and confidence to get started coaching, you also need to ‘get your ducks in a row’ to start accepting a lot more clients. To help you in this area, we’ll let you…

“Use These Coaching Forms & Proven Business Systems To Eliminate Boring Administrative Hassles & Set Your Business on Autopilot – To Save Lots of Time, Energy & Money…”

To be a successful business owner, you need to free yourself from doing anything in your business that you don’t absolutely LOVE.

That isn’t just a “nice-to-have” fairy-tale – it needs to be a practical day-to-day reality of how you do business.

The secret to making that happen in reality is to set up business systems that handle repetitive tasks on autopilot, without them taking up any time or energy on your part.

Of course, there are business management consultants that will charge your tens of thousands of dollars to show you how to set up your key business systems. However, as you immerse yourself in the 1st Annual IMPACT conference recordings, we’re going to cover everything you need to set up the essential systems that let your business run on auto-pilot.

Systems like…

  • Coaching Business Progress Tracker: Keep track of all the new clients coming your way and track your monthly income. This form is ideal for setting your monthly income goals, and seeing your step-by-step progress towards achieving the goal.
  • The Coaching Agreement: This is a very handy form that you can use when you do your introductory coaching sessions face-to-face or over the phone. You can get your clients to fill out this form when they agree to your coaching – it covers all of their personal details that you need in order to charge them for your service. When you’re face-to-face, this form is indispensable if you want to look professional.
  • Coaching Intake Form: After your client signs up with you and has paid for the coaching, during the first session you can ask your client to fill out this form to help you tailor your coaching program to fit their exact needs.
  • Coaching Session Prep Form: This is by far the most frequently used coaching form. Get your clients to fill this out before each and every coaching session they have with you. It saves you a ton of time reading through old notes, and shows you exactly what’s going on with them right now, and what they most need your support on during each session.
  • The Email Auto-Pilot Formula: exactly what to do so every single person who gets on your email list gets immersed in your unconditional support and receives incredible value on autopilot. Using this system, they will see you as the expert they love to hear from… and start unconsciously imagining having you as their own personal coach.

These systems are essential components to creating the freedom that having a coaching business can provide. But, if you really want to create the extraordinary “coaching life-style”, take a moment to answer this question…

“When You Think About How Much You Have To Do To Grow Your Coaching Business, Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed & Exhausted? If So…”

You’ll want to pay close attention to the special session at the conference on “Time Abundance – how to take immediate control of your time, your activities & your life so that you can work consistently from a state of peace & joy (and permanently eliminate stress and anxiety from your work-life)…”

If you are working long and hard hours on your coaching business, but you’re not seeing the success you ideally want, it’s probably mostly to do with your mind-set around time.

I rarely work more than 15 hours a week, and run a million dollar a year coaching business. This is not an accident. During the conference, I’ll share with you the 7 principles of Time Abundance, and how to use them to transform your coaching business, and your inner experience of time.

Being successful in coaching is NOT about spending more hours behind your desk, coaching more clients.

It’s about knowing what results you want, limiting the number of hours you work on your business each week, and focusing on the highest priority activities for you to focus on are.

Of course, when you work fewer hours each week, it’s absolutely essential to have…

“Your Crystal Clear Business Plan – So You Know Exactly What To Focus On Each Month & Week…”

As you go through the conference recordings, you will…

  • A specific action plan so that you know exactly what you should be doing in your coaching business every day (never again let a day go by where you’re just ‘working on stuff’ vs. truly building your business- you’ll always know what to do first, next, and after that)…
  • An entire year’s worth of subscriber content scripted and planned out.
  • Knowing how many intro coaching sessions you’ll run each month, and when you’ll send out your client-getting emails so they get you clients, without feeling repetitive to your subscribers.
  • Get crystal clarity around which coaching business activities actually work to get clients, and which ones are just wasting your time (this one section alone could literally save your business by saving you dozens or even hundreds of wasted working hours)…

If that seems like it might be helpful, it gets even better…

“The Hottest Trends In The Coaching Industry…”

Being a coach today is very different from a few years ago.

I’ve been coaching for 13 years.

Back then all you needed was a telephone. Now there are tele-classes, webinars, skype, online video programs, blogs, live-streaming, and much more.

Back when I started, hardly anyone had a website and if you wanted one you had to build it yourself or pay a web-designer $5,000 to 10,000.

These days, social media is completely transforming the way we interact with each other.

This a just a tiny glimpse of the way in which the world has been changing, and it doesn’t even scratch the surface of where we’re heading in the next few years.

You’re going to get an in-depth, comprehensive overview of all of the global trends that are affecting the coaching industry, and all of the trends happening within the coaching industry.

There are seasoned coaches who’ve had clients for many years, but are now seriously struggling because the nature of marketing and communicating with the world has changed so radically.

Having a website doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to be ahead of the curve of change if you really want to have a presence, get your message heard, and serve the world with your coaching.

“Get Inspired To Help Us Get The Whole World Coached…”

A lot of coaches told us that this event was one of the most inspiring they’ve ever attended, in the entire professional coaching industry.

You’ll re-discover the ‘Big Why’ that got you initially interested in becoming a coach.

Coaches change people’s lives every day of the week. Some coaches help people see the light at the end of the tunnel. And some coaches help their clients see that there never was a tunnel, only the light.

If you want to laugh, cry and be inspired to get on your mission to get the world coached, and raise the consciousness of humanity in a bigger way than ever before, exploring the IMPACT conference recordings is a total “must”.

Plus, you’ll…

“Get Some Of The Most Cutting-Edge Coach Training In The World…”

During the intense, fun, impactful 2 day event, you’ll discover the secrets of some of the world’s best coaches, such as…

  • How to get the coaching process started with new clients so that there is immediate client momentum, “buy in”, trust, and safety.
  • The 5 pieces of the coaching process and how to effectively facilitate each one of them.
  • How to help clients overcome their inner doubts, fears, and mental blocks that slow them down or stop them from moving forward toward their goals.
  • How to help your clients set goals and a new direction for their lives (or business).
  • How to create a “safe space” for clients to share what’s “really going” (if you don’t have a completely open and honest space, it will be hard for clients to keep producing the results they desire and they may be ashamed to be honest with you).
  • What to do when a client needs to “get better” in order to achieve specific results (like get better at sales, leadership, etc.) even if you aren’t great at them yourself.
  • Give your clients “x-ray vision” to see the hidden factors that can slow progress down to a snails pace.
  • The “real deal” about getting certified, being “credible”, the experience you need, etc. to be able to call yourself a coach and start getting clients (hint: after you attend this event, you’ll be able to get started working as a coach the very next day).

But, being a great coach isn’t just about having the basics of the coaching process down. You also need practice coaching real clients, so I’ll be sharing… 

Here’s a re-cap of what you’ll get to experience as you explore the IMPACT Conference recordings…

  • The 7 Time-Freeing, Life-Enhancing principles of “Time Abundance” that were previously only available as part of an in-depth $1000 training program called “Free Your Time, Free Your Life – The Time Abundance Program”
  • Hot new marketing tools & templates that are proven to get you clients
  • The business systems and templates that will free up your time & energy
  • Personally experience and get trained in a lot of different types and modalities of coaching, by real coaches who are successfully using those methods to get outstanding results from their clients (You might not use ALL these styles yourself but to be a well-rounded coach, it’s great to know what they are and how they work)
  • Learn new coaching models that you can immediately use with your own clients – you might know from your own experience, some of the most effective and powerful coaching models are very simple to learn (and by ‘practicing’ them on real clients you can quickly become a masterful coach)
  • Discover a step-by-step system on exactly what to say & do with your clients during your first month (you can adapt this IMPACT model to fit in with your personal style of coaching) – imagine NEVER being stuck on where to take your client next
  • Be inspired by leading experts in the coaching & personal development industry, and let the natural, unstoppable process of inner growth occur as you soak in the energy and enjoy the entertainment
  • And much, much more…

“In Celebration of Your Joining IMPACT, Making It The Fastest Growing Coaching Association in the World… You Can Watch The Full Event Recordings For Just $497 (for a very limited time) or Four Monthly Payments of $150”

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We want to reward you for taking action now, and grabbing the  full 2-day recording, so to make this a complete no-brainer…

“If You Order Right Now, You Get A FREE PASS To IMPACT 2014, Worth $997…”

That’s right, if you decide to get the IMPACT 2013 recordings, then you’ll get a free pass to the most exciting event of the year for coaches – the 2014 IMPACT Annual Conference.

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 “Best use of your time, money & energy – guaranteed…”

If you go through the entire program and don’t think this was the best possible use of your time, money & energy, or if you’re not totally satisfied for any reason, just let us know within the next 30 days & you’ll get an instant refund… PLUS you’ll get to keep all the business systems, tools & templates we gave you.

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Whichever option you choose, thank you for being a part of the coaching industry. Thank you for supporting IMPACT, and joining our mission to raise the consciousness of humanity by getting the whole world coached.

Remember, people need our help. Let’s get people coached!

Warmest Regards,

Christian Mickelsen

P.S. The entire IMPACT 2013 Conference recordings are now available for just $497

P.P.S When you order now, you also get a FREE PASS to the IMPACT 2014 conference, worth $997

P.P.S. Your unconditional happiness is guaranteed when you get instant access – if you didn’t love it, let us know within the next 30 full days & you will receive a full refund.

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